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Billy Blond
Tackles past trauma with new cut

'Glow Up' acknowledges truths that, up until now, had been absent from his music: his sexuality.

“Stop apologising for being who you are,” is the mantra singer/songwriter Billy Blond lives by as a musician and a person. He isn’t afraid or ashamed of his past, and prompts fans to also accept themselves for who they are.

This message of self-love remains important to him in life and in his music as reflected in his latest single ‘Glow Up’. Speaking about his inspiration behind the track, he says, “ I wasn’t all that empowered before writing it. I was depressed, unable to get out of bed. I was at a point where I realised that I have to learn to love myself or this life was going to be a long slog. What better way to start healing than with an empowering pop song?!”

Describing his music as dreamy, honest and (hopefully)timeless, Billy’s artistic journey has seen him experience struggles, successes and setbacks, and the end result is honest, heartfelt music that speaks volumes of his strength and his talent.

These personal stories of highs and lows are the foundation of this authentic artist’s music. Explaining further on his influences he says, “What you hear in my music is also my life, the two-go hand in hand for me. So I’m inspired by lovers, friends, people in general, what’s
going on in the world, the good times, the bad times. And as far as artists I like go, I can’t name one. From Amy Winehouse to Ariana Grande, I like artists that have complete correlation between their art and their lives.”

His recent release is only the first chapter where his musical story is concerned. New music is coming, and Billy can’t be prouder of his creation. Discussing the recording process for his debut EP- also titled ‘Glow Up’- due for release in September, he says “ I’m so proud of this EP because my whole heart and soul has gone into it. The whole process of making it was uplifting.”

Going into the darkness he had to overcome before the advent of this EP, he recalls “ Before this, the music I was making was really dark. I was in a bad way, still living in London (where I’m from) ,travelling back and forth to Margate for writing sessions with my friend. My friend said, “Just move to the seaside, things will be easier”. So I did and I began to feel this new sense of clarity and so I made a conscious decision to add the silver lining or gold lining. Living my life like it’s fucking golden!”

Asked what excites him about making music his answer is simple; all of it. Delving deeper into this genuine connection he shares with music, he says, “ I just love songs. I’m so thankful for them. When I feel low or messy in my head, it’s writing a song about it that gives me some peace of mind. I don’t know, there’s so much you can say in a song that you probably wouldn’t want to say out loud in real life, it feels safe in there, like it’s disguised in something beautiful.”

This peace of mind is exactly what can be expected from his forthcoming six-track EP. He says, “ I’d say people can expect the EP to be honest. It’s just me speak my truth and I think people will relate and identify with them.”

There is a profound sense of wisdom and a deep humility that shines bright with every word he speaks and every note he creates. He is not driven by career highlights, he says- although there is a sheepish admission he’d love to win a Grammy or have a number one album.

But what’s most important to him is the ability to connect with people. He explains, “ I
just hope my music reaches whoever needs it most. I don’t make music to achieve anything else, because what will be, will be.”

He goes on to explain that his dream or goal is just to be told by someone how much a song means to them or has helped them. Aside from that – and all important goal off building a Vegas style drive thru wedding chapel in Margate where he can sing Elvis covers and get people married- Billy Blond’s only goal is to keep making great music, and as he continues to project his genuine personality and his honest stories into his music, there’s nothing to stop him from leaving every listener in state of awe and adoration .

Words by Malvika Padin

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