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Brooklyn Beckhamdirects brand new JAWS video

by Eliza Frost

An empty hall to practice guitar, the hits and kicks of a karate lesson, a band perform in front of a shimmery backdrop of silver streamers – this is the end of the world.

Brooklyn Beckham has made his directorial debut creating the new music video for JAWS’ ‘End of the World’. The photographer was joined by filmmaker Louis Valentine Berry who co-directed the feature.

Brooklyn “fell in love” with the track when he saw JAWS play it live. After asking the band if he could fan the spark of an idea inside him, he said: “before we knew it, we were shooting it.”

Speaking of the video, Brooklyn nodded to the significance of the track which he wanted to intertwine into the video, “It’s a personal song for JAWS, so we did a recce down in Connor’s hometown to pool our thoughts for it. We wanted to use karate kids because they have a meaningful connection to the band, and it’s a theme that follows from the album artwork.”

With Brooklyn and Louis’ creative eyes, they made the whirring ideas into a reality. Filmed at the Roaring Tiger Karate Club in Coseley, the video is a tribute to drummer Eddy Geach’s late father who was a karate fan and practitioner. Eddy sadly lost his father Ed just before recording their third album (‘The Ceiling’), and when sorting through his father’s belongings, he came across several photos he’d taken from his days as a karate student and instructor. A selection of these photos went on to be used for the album’s artwork as a memorial to his father, representing not only his love of the martial art but also the continuous support and love he had for Eddy and the band.

Frontman Connor Schofield sings, “I’m bored, I’m lost / I don’t know what to say / Haven’t for a while, but I’ll say it anyway / And I think too much / The world goes on and on and on”. Connor talks about that feeling of ‘the world keeps spinning’, and life keeps moving on and on, “The song is about trying to get on with your life regardless of any shit that’s dragging you down, and the video follows that.”

When Brooklyn approached the band with the idea of making a video, Connor says “we were into it straight away. We shot over two days in Coseley, a small village outside of Wolverhampton. It’s where I grew up. We wanted the video to be as authentic as possible; we actually used my parents’ house and a local community hall we used to have band practices in to shoot a lot of it. It was also the first time I’ve ever had to ‘act’, if you can call it that. I was really nervous as I’m usually quite a shy person, but thanks to the team on the day I was comfortable enough to work through it.”

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