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by Tori Sharp

With a voice that echoes joy and reverberates passion, Camino is an artist you need to know.

Like many greats before him, rising star Camino was born and bred in Mississippi. From B.B King to Elvis Presley, Rick Ross to Muddy Waters, Mississippians have a reputation of using their powerful voices to speak strong messages and Camino does not fail to live up to that. His debut EP Burning Fire is out now and we were lucky enough to take some time to get to know him, so you should too.

From a desperate year of homelessness in Atlanta to millions of streams of his debut single, the pain and history is palpable in his voice. Camino moved to Georgia to pursue a career in music and despite his authentic talents, he struggled like many fledgling musicians do, sleeping on the bus bench outside the studio when he wasn’t working. His determination and endurance came to fruition when he started working with Akon and gaining traction in the industry. A record deal followed but was swiftly trailed by being dropped after a regime change. Fast-forward to 2019, his passion and portfolio of songs caught the attention of Def Jam who soon brokered a deal.

Two years later, Camino is happier and more passionate than ever, creating music to soothe and cheer. “I wouldn’t really know how to explain [my sound]. It lives in its own world basically – I guess the closest I can get to it is soulful pop, but you really just have to listen to it for yourself.”

Camino’s music comes from a place of the intensity of emotions, both good and bad. “I do not believe you actually have to be sad or in love to write a love song”, he confides, “I believe you could experience something from a long time ago and still remember what that feeling feels like and convey into a song, especially the defining moments in your life those are the ones that you tend to never forget. They make us who we are.” It is clear from talking with Camino that his defining moments resonate throughout his lyrics and coupled with his plethora of inspirations, he has been able to position himself within his own sphere. “I’ve never tried to adapt to the worlds current musical state. I’ve always just strived to make records that I like, music that I like, and sounds that I like: hopefully, the world likes them as much as I do. But if I had to pick some core influences it would probably be Imagine Dragons, Adele, Johnny Cash and Elvis Presley.  You know music that transcends time.”

Music of course does transcend time, but it can also come back around in swings and roundabouts. We agreed that there is a massive punk revival on the horizon, and whether that has been forced through residual growing anger amongst the youth or not we aren’t too sure, but either way, we are here for it. “Travis Barker and Yungblud, Machine Gun Kelly and Omer Fedi and guys like that, along with Lil Uzi Vert and Young Thug and similar artist who just make different sounding music than I’ve ever heard before – it’s amazing. It’s hard to say where music is going. Music is ever-changing, I just hope it never stops being great!”

The unknown is what keeps the music industry exciting as we can rarely predict reactions. The irregularity and indefinite nature of the industry keeps us on our toes, musicians and fans alike and so when a single or an EP takes off, the sweetness is even more sweet. “The feedback I have been getting from the EP and the track has been absolutely amazing words cannot describe the feelings I feel. I can’t believe so many people relate to the song and the EP as much as they do it’s a complete blessing and I can’t wait to meet everyone out on the road and in the world that loves my music as much as I do.”

When it comes to looking to the road ahead, Camino is a charming combination of humble and aspirational. Hoping for contentment is pure goal, as he says his 5-year plan is to be “Hopefully in a very happy place…still touring and still making music that I love and meeting all my fans. I love what I do.” He also slips in that “(his) dream venue to play would be Wembley. I saw Ed Sheeran sell it out like two or three nights in a row one time it was pretty insane – I would like to do that one day hopefully.” From what we have gotten to know, none of these goals would seem a stretch!

Press play on Camino’s debut EP Burning Fire below now.

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