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Casey Lowry premieres videoto latest single ‘Boyfriend’

by George Ellerby

Directed by Kate Woodland, the music video to ‘Boyfriend’ visually detail the tale of the humorous lyrics.

Chesterfield-native Casey Lowry has been teasing a modest catalogue of indie-pop material over the last few years. Releasing his debut single ‘Trampoline’ in 2017, Lowry has ascended and made a name for himself on the indie circuit. With a sound that takes many of the jangly and dance-oriented grooves of acts such as Two Door Cinema Club and The 1975, ‘Trampoline’ saw Lowry quickly amass media attention; the track reached half a million plays on streaming service Spotify. The track too was written at the age of 14, standing as proof that Lowry’s songwriting credentials stem many years back.

Off the back of the success of ‘Trampoline’, Lowry embarked on a short UK tour in 2018, supported LANY across Europe, and closed the year touring the UK with Saint Raymond. With two years of professional live shows under his belt, Lowry’s latest material naturally feels more refined and developed.

The 2018 debut EP ‘Beach Blue’ saw Lowry depart temporarily from the lighter, more guitar-heavy music he had previously shared. The EP is slower, more sparse and, with help from an introduction of more synthesised elements, sounded downtempo and at times brooding. In line with his previous successes with ‘Trampoline’, ‘Beach Blue’ was lauded by media authorities. Emerging from the other side of ‘Beach Blue’, Lowry’s more recent work reflects more of the summery and jovial tones that first established him. His single ‘Boyfriend’ is a testament to this change.

The single opens with a combination of soft acoustic guitars and Lowry’s clean, northern lilt. The track grinds to a halt before an explosive Two Door Cinema Club-esque chorus, with Lowry exclaiming “you’ve got a boyfriend, and he looks a little like you”. It’s buoyant, melodic, and soundtracks the heat of the summer appropriately. The lyrics are amusing, detailing a night where Lowry attempted to pursue a woman whose ‘other ‘alf’ looked similar to her.

Reflecting the ‘trop-pop’ sounds of Lowry’s instrumentals, the video is set in pastel shades and encompass elements reminiscent of Wes Anderson’s twee filmography. The video cleverly interprets Lowry’s anecdote by concealing the identity of the woman. Through various means, such as polaroid shots and stop motion sections, the viewer is only given clues as to what she must look like via the array of men that are displayed throughout. It’s playful, tastefully kitsch, and matches Lowry’s single fittingly.

The new single appears as a sample of Lowry’s upcoming EP which is scheduled for September release. Supporting the release of his second EP, Lowry also has several European dates throughout autumn.

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