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by Alex Brzezicka

Illamasqua pays tribute to our favourite soulful icon.

Illamasqua is one of the coolest cult makeup brands for a reason: they have a habit of featuring a diversity of bold and brave faces in their campaigns, pushing the boundaries of beauty. This time, they’ve reached for the stars and come back with a limited edition box in collaboration with the Amy Winehouse Foundation. Tease your hair and nail the winged eyeliner: it’s time to pay tribute to our favourite soulful legend.

The ‘Frankly Amy’ set includes two products loved by Amy herself – Cream Blushed in Pixie and Lipstick in Over – alongside you’ll also find mascara, eyelashes, Illamasqua’s coveted Eyebrow Cake and, obviously, liquid black eyeliner to finish it off with the signature touch. To step further into the world of the British multi-platinum musician, the box also includes a 32-pages collectable magazine on her life and art. Even the tissue paper’s design is Amy-tailored, decorated with her famous tattoos.

Though a wonderful celebration of Amy Winehouse’s iconic look and legacy, creatives at Illamasqua know that it’s only a surface-level homage. To truly reflect Amy’s upfront attitude and her indelible influence on pop culture as someone who touched the hearts of so many around the globe, the beauty brand has joined forces with Amy Winehouse Foundation. It’s one of the UK’s most prominent charities that helps thousands of children and teenagers to find their place in society alike to how Amy sought to find hers as she navigated the illusive world of fame. The organisation strives to build young people’s self-esteem and resilience through music therapy, recovery programmes and housing for young women. It’s all about support, collaboration with other organisations and sharing lived experiences that can empower youth.

‘Frank Amy’ is a part of a two-step partnership with the limited box being launching now as well a full-size collection debuting in 2022. 4.6% of the sale price of the product goes directly to the Amy Winehouse Foundation. For now, get your hands on ‘Frankly Amy’ here and when recreating her signature look, find your own voice.

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