Charli XCX & Lizzo Release
'Blame It On Your Love'

Perhaps there is time before the irreversible effects of climate change for us to live in an XCX world, after all.

Pop’s resident game-changer Charli xcx rolls the dice again today with latest single ‘Blame It On Your Love, ft. Lizzo’.

Charli has been promising fans more new music for months after attaining quite the cult following via social media; last years’ strategy of releasing single after single, which finally gave us the fan favourite No Angel, proved a hit for Ms. xcx, who has become notorious for her courageous and groundbreaking approach to being as unpredictable as a season Game of Thrones (only, in a far more rewarding way). Blame It On Your Love is punky, edgy, and a surprisingly easy track to digest for the die-hard stan, considering those who are familiar with Pop 2 (Charli’s latest mixtape, seen widely as the final predecessor to the long-awaited third album, nicknamed xcx 3) will soon discover it sounds a little familiar…

Many of the lyrics have previously been sampled on track 10, the final (and arguably best) cut on Pop 2; electric to its core, the experimental production from long-time collaborator A.G. Cook of PC Music affiliation was hailed by critics as ‘screeching’ and a ‘kick ass hit from a parallel universe’, in the most flattering of ways. From the opening seconds, however, it’s clear this cut is definitely from our current, mainstream, universe, wherein Charli pens hits such as ‘I Love It’ and sings harmonically (and ironically, depending on how much information you have about Charli’s upbringing) with Troye Sivan on the earworm Top 40 smash 1999.

The bassline-driven, thuddy backing beat instantly kindling memories of chart titans such as the Macarena or PonDe Replay Charli coos without pause for breath – in stark contrast to track 10 – right up to the climactic chorus of ‘I blame it on your love, every time I fuck it up’ that we’ve come to memorise, except with a far more upbeat twist. We’re not holding our fists up in grief this time, but throwing our arms up in the air with abandon.

Autotune comes out to play, naturally, and we’re fired into a guest verse from Lizzo, who bursts in with a catchy jingle, slyly nodding to her own single ‘Juice’ in the process. It’s shorter than expected, but utilised as we’ve come to expect; just enough of a taste to make us hit that replay button instantly. It’s pure pop perfection.

Is this the start of a new monthly drop, or a lead single (as the internet seems to think) from the mythological third album? Charli has recently promised that new music would be a mix between Pop 2 and pure pop, and Blame It On Your Love heralds this message loud and clear; nostalgic for the stans, while creating something new that will not only reward them for their service, but that will sound pretty good on the airwaves, too. On-trend and on-form, Charli is shining brighter than ever; 2019 is sure to be another groundbreaking 12 months for the British star, who recently attended her first ever Met Gala and has taken the helm to start her own record label, Vroom Vroom Recordings; pluckily signing punky foursome (and tmrw latest issue Cover Stars) Nasty Cherry in the process, who have just released their debut, sensational single ‘Win’.

Perhaps there is time before the irreversible effects of climate change for us to live in an XCX world, after all. I’ll get my sunscreen, shades and purple lambo, and meet you at the beach.



Photography by Ace Amir.

Words by James Hawkridge

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