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by Tori Sharp

The latest release from Charlotte Clark has us clinging on to the last of the heatwave.

Charlotte Clark is living the dream – travelling the world and touring with Harry Styles. Currently part of the illustrious Harry Styles band, she’s has accompanied him on many a famed television appearance and will also be joining him for the Love on Tour 2021. As well as this extremely cool hustle, Clark is also a phenomenally talented solo artist and her latest single ‘Warm Weather’ is out today.

A synth-y, smooth sound, ‘Warm Weather’ is “about everything around you being perfect, yet your mind-set is telling you otherwise”. Despite her success so far, Clark like many other women has felt a sense of imposter syndrome when it comes to her work. She says “the day I wrote ‘Warm Weather’, I was on a flight to Bergen, Norway, and had that voice in my head that was telling me I wasn’t worthy of travelling abroad and spending money on a flight to write music…As soon as I arrived, I went straight to this writing session on the sunniest and most beautiful day and met Magnus Skylstad, and that’s when the lyrics just came pouring out.”

It is lucky for us that this feeling dissipated and we were blessed with this sunny track as it feels like the perfect listening to round off the summer with. Enjoy the rhythmic rolling drum beat that accompanies Clark’s ethereal-yet-mastered vocals.

Press play on Charlotte Clark’s new single ‘Warm Weather’ below now.

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