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by Lola Christina Alao

Just when you thought the Grammy-nominated album couldn't get any better...

To get us through another month in lockdown, Chloe x Halle dropped a special extra for us all, gracing us with a deluxe version of their acclaimed second album with Ungodly Hour (Chrome Edition), featuring two brand new tracks.

’80/20′ and ‘Hazy’ are tracks that showcase the duo’s versatile R&B, with dashes of operatic pop thrown in. They exude that kind of power we are so used to seeing, an eloquent confidence that is also exemplified in tracks such as ‘Forgive Me’, their first single: “So forgive me ’cause I’m not teary / Best believe I’ll move onto better things”.

Both tracks were produced by Chloe (with ‘Hazy’ also co-produced by Bregma), as if we needed further proof of her talent and range. Back when tmrw spoke to the duo back in the summer of 2020 for our #38 cover story, Halle took a moment to hype her sister up and celebrate her gift. “Chloe is such an amazing producer. I feel like everyone will be asking her to produce their projects, you know?” she laughed. After both Chloe and Halle were shown the ropes on how to produce at a young age, something stuck. For Chloe, the art of producing music had always felt “freeing”, and she liked the feeling that they could tell their own stories without having someone else to do it for them. She even revealed to us that she’d like to get into music production on a much bigger scale one day, and would even consider working on film scoring in the future.

Though it hasn’t been easy for artists and musicians across the globe to hone in on their craft and reach audiences in the way they would like to, Chloe x Halle haven’t stopped perfecting, adapting and creating. And it’s no surprise. In our interview, they attributed their success to having a strong support system and the ability to lift themselves up after their down days.

“We definitely [get our confidence] from our family,” Chloe told us. “I feel like as human beings, we have our ups and downs with how we feel about ourselves and how we perceive ourselves and I think it’s so important to have a positive support system around you, to help lift you up when you’re feeling down”.

The Ungodly Hour (Chrome Edition) tracklisting is as follows:


Forgive Me    

Baby Girl                                             

Do It                                                    

Tipsy – Explicit Content              

Ungodly Hour                                    

Busy Boy                                             

Catch Up – Explicit Content      



Don’t Make It Harder On Me       

Wonder What She Thinks of Me  




They have also shared a captivating video for the album’s title track ‘Ungodly Hour’, which premiered on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon and can be watched here.

In the sisters’ own words from our cover interview “the sky is our limit”, and it’s clear that this is only the beginning for the powerhouses.


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