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by Naureen Nashid

A sneak preview of our exclusive new interview with Australian singer-songwriter Amy Shark.

“What’s left of me for the wolves just pick around the bone / I like your company, why would you leave me here all alone?”

So begins Cry Forever, the second studio album by Australian singer-songwriter, Amy Shark, with the track ‘The Wolves’. Fans first got a taste of this album that released on April 30th, 2021 back in June of 2020 when she released the single ‘Everybody Rise’, a pop-infused track about unrequited love. “It’s been the longest campaign ever,” Shark says. “It’s still weird to think that there are no secret songs left to release…it’s all out there.”

From pop anthems to soft ballads, Cry Forever has a little bit of everything in it. “I don’t know how I’d really describe this, but it goes to so many different places. There are some stripped-back, folk-sounding songs, and there are pop bangers. I’d probably say it’s a deep, dark street pop banger album,” the singer laughs.

“Ed Sheeran is the only person I've ever sat in a studio and actually written lyrics with...He's such a pro that he made me feel so comfortable and so welcomed and I think that's why we got such a great song out of the session.”

There is, however, one theme throughout the album and that is crying. Shark explains, “I just knew that that was the title the second that I said it because I say cry a lot. In so many songs the word cry or crying gets used. I guess the whole idea of Cry Forever just made sense and it’s a running sort of theme through the album.”

Cry Forever comes three years after Shark’s debut album. While it took a while, it’s a body of work that she’s extremely proud of. “I feel like Cry Forever is just a healthier, step up from Love Monster. I think I’m a lot more confident as a songwriter,” she admits. “I’m a lot more confident knowing what production needs to be for which song and when to pull back and when to have, you know, a big sort of pop anthem song. It’s just got a healthy balance and I think I just sort of know, like where I want to go now and be honest about the music I want to make.”

This is an abridged version, read the full interview with Amy Shark in tmrw soon.

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