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by Tori Sharp

Unashamedly illicit and unapologetically raw, Cassyette is here to relight rock.

The revival of British rock is well and truly underway and one of the leading actors in this renaissance is Essex-based songstress Cassyette. With a plethora of new music coming out, we were buzzed to meet Cassyette for a sick shoot and to hear her thoughts about the new rock royalty. 

‘Dear Goth’ plays on the idea of spiritual atheism, with religious imagery scattered throughout the melodical shouty track. Of the track, Cassyette says, “It’s about feeling sick of society’s standards, brainwashing systems and feeling like you don’t belong. So many people live their lives feeling suppressed because the people around them and the world reject them, so they are scared to be their true selves. I feel that. Although the song is dark Dear Goth is an idea that we can be free to be and believe whatever we want.”

Over time, her music has evolved and developed into the sound you hear today, one that she describes as “pop metal futuristic bangers”. Although pop may sound reductive, Cassyette thinks that pop itself is evolving into a new rock genre. “It is taking over the world … fuck pop music …rock is the new pop music. It’s finally back. People are angrier than ever now, and rock is the realist emotionally driven music. People need some realness to connect with.” 

With a vast selection of influences and inspirations, Cassyette originally said that P!nk was the artist that she looked up to the most, but then went on to list “Vince Neil, Yolandi Die Antwoord and Dolly.” “It’s hard to tell you all of them. I feel like I am inspired by so many different artists, bands, movies and art etc. and take tiny parts from that to adapt into my own. Music wise atm I’m listening to a lot of Alice in Chains and Motionless in White right now. But it’s always changing cos I get obsessed with things and then rinse them.”

With the amalgam of artists and concoction of category that we have available to our ears these days, it makes complete sense that despite Cassyette’s rock reclamation, she also wants to collab with Post Malone, harking that she “just loves his music.” 

Going forward, for our last question, we asked what she envision the future of music to look like, and as ever we are not given a rudimentary answer, Cassyette tells us she wants to see “artists constantly crossing genres”, but not only that she wants to us them “tearing up the rule book!”

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