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by Niamh Leonard-Bedwell

Indie/R&B group Easy Life have released two new tracks to help lift our spirits during social-distancing.

If your isolation playlist is sounding a little stale by now, two brand new tracks from Leicester-based band Easy Life will help bring it back to life. Written and created specifically for lockdown, the ‘see you later maybe never (demos)’ strike the right balance between yearning for normal life and poking fun at our new habits, while achieving an upbeat, poppy sound. Talking about the tracks, the band said: “We wanted to put something out to spare people from the infinite boredom that is lockdown and also just to keep ourselves entertained.”

The band members’ need to keep themselves occupied is evident in the video for the first track, ‘peanut butter’, which shows a split-screen of them all playing their instruments from their separate homes. With its undeniably catchy melody, ‘peanut butter’ describes the “modern-day scenario” of “channel surfing in the covers”, while still making us hopeful for times when we can “put some serious thought into (our) outfit” again. But despite its sense of yearning, lead vocalist Murray Matravers’ lilting rhymes and trumpet solos lend the track an instantly happy-making, summertime sound. 

Although the second track, ‘petty crime’ is about having your heart stolen, its witty lyrics, interspersed with funky beats help it find its feet as a toe-tapper, rather than a lovelorn ballad. Beats on the xylophone give it a playful feel, while the modulated backing vocals are reminiscent of Daft Punk’s dance tracks. 

The demos follow the release of the band’s successful debut mixtape, Junk Food, earlier this year, as well as a win for ‘Best New British Act’ at the 2020 NME Awards. But despite their proposed summer tour dates being disrupted by lockdown measures, Easy Life are determined to take a positive approach, which is how the ‘see you later maybe never (demos)’ were born. In the band’s words, the project was, “pretty simple really, just a couple of tunes to make people smile and get them through the day.” They certainly do that, so have a listen if you need a boost.


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