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In conversation:with Elmiene

by Maja Bebber

With hits such as "Someday" he‘s sure to rule the music scene.

British singer and songwriter Elmiene is the coolest addition London has to offer currently. His video of a cover of D’Angelo went viral on Instagram, and it all started there. He only started his musical career about two years ago but has big plans for the future. With his vibrant but at the same time, soothing voice that mixes poetry and artistic songwriting, one can’t help but get swept off their feet and get lost in his being.

For Elmiene Someday is about a certain kind of love that he will hopefully experience in the future, just like he has in the past. But what’s the story of the song? “So for “Someday”…the story of making the song was a bit of a joke. Because I was scrolling through TikTok and I saw this guy playing this R&B guitar riff, and I liked it and thought let’s see what happens if I do it freestyle and see what’s going on. And I was like, you know what, let’s just record a thing and see what happens. I just freestyled this, and it was kind of cool. And I found it six months later, and I thought: “You got to finish this. “And the story is that I’m very nostalgic. It was like, someday I want a love like my love with that person in my life. It’s not really about a girl per se, but I mean, that’s the magic of songwriting; you can make it your own.”

R&B is right up Elmiene’s alley. But he’s open to exploring other genres such as folk music, rock and even punk. “I love folk music. And old rock, you know. I mean, rock folk has a lot of ties to soul. And it’s my songs are folk-inspired, and it kind of comes as a second instinct, really; it’s not too far away. But if I went far I do want to do punk because it’s so much fun. The energy is crazy, and it just feels good. Like a punk and soul kind of record would be amazing. Like a fusion of both will be cool.”

Even without being in the music industry for too long, the British singer has received critical acclaim already. He tells me about his favourite moment at one of his concerts. “My favourite quote of all was when I was doing a show in Brooklyn, New York. And I was doing an encore, and I ended up staying on stage for an extra half an hour. I played the keyboard and I decided to sing this unreleased song I’d never sang or played before. And I sang the song. A guy said: ‘That’s a hit. As soon as you release that, I’m on it.’ And I love getting a compliment for something that’s not even released yet. This is cool. This is good stuff. “

In five years, Elmiene sees himself in New York. “I want to live in New York for a little bit. It’s just such an amazing city. There’s so much culture there.” He has big things happening for him this year. “My next project coming up that I’m working on right now is almost finished. And also just a lot more shows, and I’m trying to go around Europe. I’ll be in America again and doing it all over again, but I just want to do it better and bigger. I just really want to get into the musician lifestyle. Every year, someone tells me, this is the year you should get serious. Every single time. And this year, I finally believe that this is the year, and I won’t be stopped, and I’m excited to get back to it.”

Elmiene believes that everyone should move at their own pace no matter where they are in life. “I’d have to say that would be to keep going at your own pace. I think it’s really important, especially with how fast-paced my life can be. The thing I’m most grateful for is how I never feel rushed. But I don’t feel like I’m in a hurry. I don’t feel like I’m behind something. I just always feel like I’m right where I need to be.”

Elmiene’s new track “Crystal Tears” is out now. His world tour launches on April 4th.

Nick Karp
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