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Emile Londonien and Cherise:New Jazzy Soulful Single “Fly”

by HQ

Rising from the Strasbourg music scene and seeking to make a profound impact internationally, French trio Emile Londonien is delivering their long-awaited new song alongside London-based vocalist CHERISE. Fusing the realms of nu-jazz and R&B through this new single, this is our first taste of their upcoming EP "Three Roses," set to be released in May.

“Fly” is without a doubt the result of work made out of passion. Weaving so many different genres into a singular explosion of sounds, something that transcends the boundaries of classification. 

Vocalist CHERISE brings her signature funky tone to the table with her deep yet playful voice, enhancing the trio with a jazzy undertone. The lyrics add another layer of emotion, while the instrumentation provides a strong melody that pulls everything together. It has a smooth, upbeat vibe that makes it easy to listen to. It might sound weird, but “Fly” evokes Jamiroquai’s “Virtual Insanity,” sharing a similar sound, as they both explore the boundaries between funk, soul, and electronica. This is a strong example of what happens when talented artists come together; everyone brings their A-game to create something truly beautiful. “Fly” is a testament to the power of collaboration and how different types of music can work together to craft something special. Overall, this track serves as a wonderful introduction to what’s yet to come.

The story behind Emile Londonien is very peculiar. Having adopted their name in part to pay tribute to both a famous French saxophonist and their English influences, the trio met while training at the Strasbourg Conservatory and were welcomed into Omezis, a collective that includes more than twenty artists, musicians, DJs, and videographers, co-founded by drummer Matthieu Drago. They quickly became well known for their perfect synthesis of modern French jazz.

CHERISE can easily be described as a Soul Girl with a heart of gold and a punky attitude. Taking everyone by surprise with her debut album back in 2023, she’s quickly risen through the ranks of the UK soul and jazz community. CHERISE has collaborated with artists including Steam Down, Rueban James, Omar, and Nubiyan Twist, and now we can add Emile Londonien to this esteemed list.

It is always nice to see artists forging alliances to elevate their artistry, complementing each other’s strengths with unique takes and motifs. “Fly” will be a great addition to anyone’s playlist, serving its purpose of giving us a peek at Emile Londonien’s upcoming EP. So sit down, open a bottle of wine, and just let this remarkable piece of art take you on an amazing journey.

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Photos by Mathilde Cybulski & Springbok

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