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by Kitty Robson

Step into the world of Boxjar with the boundary-breaking musician you need to know.

When we last hung out with LA-based musician Madge, they told us tales of catharsis and shedding old skin. Now, a few months down the line, the reinvention has begun, and you better be ready to step into their visceral new creation. For Madge’s latest rise from the ashes, they have brought us ‘tochka!’, a post-internet vibe-fest set in Boxjar, a world that they are creating, teasing what’s to come next.

Madge tells us, “the video’s director Siggy and I needed to create a grotesque and adorable visual brainchild to go along with one of my most disgusting songs yet. We did this by using my alien/demon sidekick Bonk in CGI and puppet form. Following Bonk’s journey through a wormhole, we get some deeper insight into the world of Boxjar that I’m crafting around my debut album.”

As the artist told us back in June, they renamed themselves Madge after delving into Celtic mythology to reclaim themself: “In many ways, me shedding some of my older identities through choosing a new name has been really affirming. It’s less about the stories and the character of Madge and the history. It’s way more about that being a moniker and a name through which I can assume an artist’s identity that makes me feel whole and like I’m able to understand my past selves”.

If ‘tochka!’ is anything to go by, we’re along for the ride of what’s to come next. Press play on the video below now, and follow Madge on Instagram here.

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