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by Tori Sharp

WEIRDO is back after a hiatus with his newest release - Eurotrash.

After releasing his demo Disco on Majestic Casual more than five years ago, WEIRDO disappeared, leaving his 1million stream listeners patiently waiting. Now, he is back with his eclectic track EUROTRASH.

The enigmatic record is a tongue in cheek political satire, as he not so subtly voices opinions about Brexit and the ‘countdown to apocalypse’. The catchy melody and smooth production makes for an easy listen, and the lyrics provide some food for thought.

Speaking to WEIRDO, he describes how the track reflects the music industry and the non-stop nature of it. “I also felt it was a good self-reflection of myself and the music industry; it turns and moves so fast that you cannot seem to grasp a tight enough mental grip on it; just like a snake. People forget you overnight. One Friday it’s Kanye, two weeks later, he’s gone again. It’s so hard to be in such a vanishing state all of the time, so lyrically, EUROTRASH is my reflection on this.”

As the apocalypse is feeling increasingly realistic, WEIRDO thinks that “it’s the perfect time though to make music and self-release it; art will live on. Cream will rise.” Have a listen to EUROTRASH now and see for yourself!


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