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Evensonmakes funk-pop-disco for the information age

by Kitty Robson

Press play on Evenson's new track 'HOW CAN I SLEEP'.

Written in the wake of the racial justice movement that has defined this political year, Evenson’s ‘HOW CAN I SLEEP’ speaks to the artist’s pursuit of truth in the information maelstrom. “I found it hard to put the phone down. I wanted to do my part and acquire more knowledge at whatever cost. So the song is pretty much about me learning to navigate in a world and racially unjust system,” he says, describing his instinctual search for understanding of the chain reaction of events that led to worldwide demonstrations against institutional racism, inequality and police brutality.

The “sensory overload” of that learning process was eventually codified into a pop chameleon of a track that sources parts from every musical decade since the 70s and that shows its political stance in lyrical flashes that condemn avaricious cadillac owners and amoral policymakers. “For categorisation purposes, its pop,” he says. It may sound like it, but it’s simultaneously a sweet critique on the times we live in.

Fittingly, the video – a blur of moving traffic, romantic fights and lo-fi lights – is disorienting and abstract, like the 2020 news cycle. Check it out below.

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