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EVER – ‘Golden Hour’ EPTrack By Track

by Luke Pettican

EVER’s sonic stylings sound reassuringly comforting, but still distinctly dissimilar to anything you’ve heard before.

EVER– aka Louise Smith – has quickly garnered a whole lot of attention since releasing her effervescent debut track ‘Bloom’ back in July. With each successive single release, she’s stunningly showcased another sensational side to her sound. With ‘Close’, EVER’s pop sensibility shone through in a blazingly bright fashion. While ‘Indigo Sky’ saw EVER take a more melancholic approach, delving deeply in the all-consuming emotions that accompany losing someone you love.

With ‘Golden Hour’, her debut EP released 18th October 2019 via Yada Yada Records, EVER proudly showcases her delightful distinctiveness. While every single track on the EP is relatively dissimilar, as a body of work, ‘Golden Hour’ sounds remarkably cohesive. Throughout the EP, the stunning combination of EVER’s enthralling vocals and absorbing production serve to make ‘Golden Hour’ a truly atmospherically immersive body of work.

Her assured sound is enough to entirely transport you into another headspace, beautifully invoking a heart-warming sense of nostalgia. In a sense, sonically, her music sounds almost deceptively sweet, with her track’s lyrical content often delving into sombre situations. It’s arguably her ability to distil complex intertwining, and often conflicting, emotions into engrossingly spellbinding pop music that truly sets her apart. Here on tmrw, EVER joins us to take us through every single track on ‘Golden Hour’ and offers us an exclusive listen to her dazzling new single ‘Glow’.



“‘Close’ is a playful story about being in a relationship bubble when you’re far from home. I wanted to capture that sense of losing time when you’re wrapped up in the intensity of a trip, whether it’s sorting out your problems and differences or enjoying every second of each other’s company. I spent a lot of time getting this track right with kwassa (producer) to have the right energy to match the lyrics, but I feel we’ve struck the perfect balance. ‘Close’ conjures up images in my mind of warm weather, close relationships, deep talks and olive groves!”


“Creatively, ‘Glow’ has given me the biggest amount of freedom to express myself – both lyrically and musically. I have struggled with setting unfair expectations for myself, and I can obsess over perfectionism. So, I wanted to talk about the freedom I felt once I decided to let go of those expectations and step into a more unapologetic version of myself. This song is a celebration of just that. We explored a few different options with the production for ‘Glow’ and settled on a slightly more explorative sound from the rest of the EP.”


“This song is written about the various stages of grief I felt after losing someone I loved. I tried to embody both the emotion and acceptance I was feeling and channel it straight into the lyrics. We went for a more simplistic approach to the production to create space and a feeling of expanse, rather than filling every gap and making the music too busy. I hope it makes anyone listening feel like they’re looking out at a beautiful view, open road, or endless horizon, and perhaps can help someone who’s going through a similar experience.”


“‘Bloom’ signifies hope and new beginnings. It was inspired by the resilience of nature, how even after the coldest, darkness winters, there comes new life. Writing ‘Bloom’ was a very healing process for me. I was in a very vulnerable physical and mental state after a period of bad health. I was lucky enough to be supported by the wonderful Jack Shepherd & Kwassa, who helped me navigate my way to a sound that felt like my own. ‘Bloom’ really was the start of something special for us all.”

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