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by Megan Bowles

AR/CO brings us back a shot of summer with their new single ‘Night Feels’.

If you’re in need of the perfect feel-good song, you’re in the right place. Sing along to the lyrics ‘the night feels better with you’ as you dance the evening away, basking in the upbeat melody, dynamite drop, sizzling harmonies and the joy of living in the moment. AR/CO dedicates the song to ‘the perfect person who matches your late night settings. Whether it looks like a sweaty festival or club or mid-week chill – it’s somebody who helps makes the nights into lifelong memories.’ It’s the catchy celebration of those near and dear to us that makes ‘Night Feels’ the perfect anthem to a long night out with our family and friends.

The London-based duo emerged during the summer as a new major contender in the UK dance scene, racking up Radio 1’s B-list, #19 on the UK Dance chart and #61 on the Shazam chart for their Franky Wah collab, ‘Under The Sun’. For another previous single, ‘Call Me By My Name’, AR/CO gained recognition from Elton John and Gemma Bradley for perfectly encapsulating their unique balance of Daft Punk’s sophisticated approach to electronica with some of MGMT’s maximalist production and swirling psychedelia. ‘Night Feels’, and its equally endorphin-inducing music video, follows in the same vein as previous hit singles, fostering an escapist, liberating mix of all the elements of a summer anthem.

As their quest to bring an uplifting vibe to the dance scene reaches a larger and larger audience, we heard from AR/CO, Leo and Mali-Koa, about what’s next for them after their trail of success, where their current inspiration is coming from and more…

Congrats on ‘Night Feels’! Talk us through what inspired you two to create it…

We were halfway through a writing trip in LA and feeling all dreamy so we wanted to make something that day that reflected exactly that. The track is pure escapism, analogue synth heaven good times.

What message do you hope people take away from it?

We want people to get themselves free. That’s what AR/CO is all about.

How do you feel like your music has evolved so far?

We try not to overthink the writing process and let whatever comes to us be whatever it wants to be. That seems to be the method to the madness and those are the ideas we connect with the most and the ones other people do too. The sonic evolution is coming in the new year.

What do you envision the future of music to look like?

More genre-bending for sure. Different styles bleeding into each other even more especially with the amount of collaborations happening at the moment. It’s an exciting time.

What is one change you’d each love to make to the industry?

We’d both like there to be more women in the studio in producer and engineer roles. There are lots of amazing female top liners but it’s rare that you work with female producers.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be and why?

We could definitely make some magic with Tame Impala. Kevin Parker has a free mind and the way he approaches making music is wild. It would be cool to go into the studio with zero expectations and make something free.

Where would be your dream venue to play?

Red Rocks, a crazy amphitheatre in Colorado. Preferably playing our set as the sun is going down.

Who are you betting on for future stardom?

We did some writing for an artist (and now friend) called Venbee recently, she’s amazing. She was a complete open book with us in the session, no filter with anything and so much talent. She’ll be massive very soon.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

We want to tour a lot more in the new year and connect with all the people that connect with our music. There’s lots of music that we’re dying to release so bring on the wild times.

The next 5 years?

We have big dreams. Who knows what will happen but we’ll keep dreaming of big shows, bright colours, wavy visuals and people coming together to dance and sing with us all over the world.

Press play on AR/CO’s new single ‘Night Feels’ below now…
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