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Scotland's indie sensation makes us smile in his new single ‘If I didn’t laugh’, sweet singing into a future.

Dylan is a lucky name for any indie vocalist with a guitar as a sidekick. It certainly is for Dylan John Thomas. Naming himself after legendary Bob Dylan, he made the grounds of his homeland Scotland shake for the first time in 2019 when he debuted with a single ‘Nodoby Else’. Ever since, he continues to deliver soft-sounding emotional earthquakes. One of the most recent ones was at his debut set at Glastonbury Festival to the teary hundreds with hearts ready to receive Dylan’s vulnerable lyrics.

Dylan John Thomas is a modern-day fusion of our old time’s favourites. With the simple melancholy of Simon & Garfunkel, Leonard Cohen’s soulful writing and the catchy notes of The Beatles, he has what it takes to bring the world to its knees. Even Noel Gallagher fell for his talent so much that he had Dylan supporting his band High Flying Birds.

Sometimes when all the stars align and the signs pop up one after another, it’s too much to ignore. That’s the case with Dylan John Thomas. The simple beauty of stripped-down lyrics and guitar strings makes up his charming sorcery. That magic works wonders in his new single, ‘If I Didn’t Laugh’. Looking back at the summers of his childhood, Dylan tells an honest story of his upbringing, trying not to drown in the sorrows, and instead, approaching it with humour. He opens up about living in foster care, separated from his siblings. Though we’re so close to crying a river to the backstory, there’s a glimpse of hope shining through the song. We can’t do anything else but smile.

From busking on the streets of Glasgow, determined to make it neverminding the weather, to recording his first songs, Dylan proved his spirit to be stronger than steel yet soft enough to let emotions flow. As he’s about to grace us with EP2 on November 4th, we look with Dylan John Thomas into the future…

Congrats on the new single! Talk us through what inspired you to create it…

‘If I Didn’t Laugh’ touches upon experiences growing up. Never really found the right moment to write about it until lockdown as it was the first time I could look back on things. Had the riff sitting around for a while then I sang that opening line of the chorus and it all seemed to click.

What message do you hope people take away from it?

I don’t really think about that. I just write what I am writing about and maybe it’ll connect with someone. I think even though people didn’t have the same experiences they will have gone through something and recognise the same feelings.

What can we expect from your next EP?

Well this is the second single from the second EP. We put out ‘Fever’ back in April. So more of that really. There’s a little guitar piece called ‘Battle of Alesia’ too.

What do you envision the future of music to look like?

As someone who is influenced by writers I’d hope for there to be more people writing their own tunes.

What is one change you’d love to make to the industry?

I don’t really think too much about the industry to be honest but I think we’re in an interesting place where we value the quantity of new musicians being heard more than the quality of the work they produce which then takes its toll as you have to scroll through 20 songs on a curated playlist just to find a decent tune.

"I just write what I am writing about and maybe it’ll connect with someone."

If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be and why?

I write a lot on the piano. So someone that’s class on that would be cool.

Where would be your dream venue to play?

Well it was the Barras (Barrowland Ballroom, Glasgow) but I’m playing my second and third headline shows there in December. That still blows my mind. Looking forward to loads of the venues we’re playing on tour in November, Gorilla in Manchester will be class.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

Hoping to put my debut album out next year. Been writing loads so just want to keep putting the tunes out. And playing more gigs. Getting over to Europe and America would be class.

The next 5 years?

Same as above. Haha. Only ideally I’d be getting ready to put out my third album or something by that point.

Press play on Dylan John Thomas’ ‘If I Didn’t Laugh’ below now…

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