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by Tori Sharp

Orange is the new black for Freddie Long’s latest video.

Freddie Long explained to us that each song on his upcoming EP Motions has a different colour attached to them and for the debut track ‘In Your Arms’ that colour is orange. Bursting with juicy energy, the track and video give us the feeling of a necessary Vit-C boost after a heavy night. 

The aim of the video was simplicity that packs a punch and it certainly does just that and the effort does not go amiss. Long and his manager spent four days inside a warehouse in Berlin to paint every little corner in the bright and vibrant orange to get the desired effect for the accompanying video. 

In the past, Long has collaborated with CALM to raise awareness around male mental health and suicide, his song ‘Hope’ spoke of the benefits of sharing your struggles and now, in the same vein, ‘In Your Arms’ brightens our days. We are sure that we are not alone in our excitement to see how the next colours pan out on the EP. In the meantime, read on to discover what the future is looking like for Freddie Long as he faces forward. 

What do you envision the future of music to look like?

It seems to be pushing boundaries and creating new sub genres all the time. There are no rules when it comes to creating music. Which I think is great and I’m excited to see where it goes.

“Like most artists I’ve not managed to play live in a few years, I’m dying to get out and play these new songs for the first time."

What is one change you’d love to make to the industry? 

I release my music through my label, Banana Split Records. Which is great as it allows me to keep all creative control but it’s tough at times. Streaming doesn’t bring in the best income and it’s hard to sometimes justify the time, money and effort you put into songs compared to the money you make back, especially as an independent artist. I know they are trying to change this so hopefully in the future we’ll see more support.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be and why?

Billie Eilish and Finneas. What those guys are doing is blowing my mind. So much character in the project and the way it’s delivered is another level.

Where would be your dream venue to play?

The Roundhouse.

Who are you betting on for future stardom? 

She’s already there but Griff. Her lyrics, style and voice are super distinctive.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

We’ve got an EP coming out throughout this year, with the final release around January, after that hopefully working on my debut album, which is mad to think. Like most artists I’ve not managed to play live in a few years, I’m dying to get out and play these new songs for the first time.

The next 5 years?

Damn… crazy to think. I hope to still be playing and writing music. I feel like I’m still fairly new in music, especially when it comes to playing live. I’ve got some crazy ideas I’d like to bring into the live setup when the time’s right. During lockdown I started working on a clothing line which it’s something I’d eventually like to develop over the next few years.

Press play on Freddie Long’s ‘In Your Arm’s below now…

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