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by Ismene Ormonde

Join us on an ego trip with Lauren Ruth Ward, the rising musician you need to know…

Lauren Ruth Ward has an ego. As she points out in ‘Suburban Ego’, her new track, “everybody’s got one”. But not everyone has the accolades and fan-worship to prop it up. This singer-songwriter has been called many things: the ‘Queen of Echo Park’ (she’s the muse in the eponymous song by indie folk singer-songwriter Alicia Blue), the saviour of rock ‘n’ roll, a mix of Janis Joplin, Florence Welch and Courtney Barnett.

In the introspective and poetic ‘Suburban Ego’, this new-generation rock star intertwines vulnerability and strength with irresistible, scratchy-voiced grit. It’s Lauren’s dedication to digging deep which forms the basis of her connection with her fans: it is, she says, the most “beautiful part of making music”. “There is a trust between us that allows me to be open and bare my soul in a way that is always cathartic”.

As she prepares to release her new EP, Mindseye, in early 2023, Lauren is planning an extensive slate of tour dates. She will be on the road in the U.S. and in Europe from late 2022 through the first quarter of 2023. Mindseye combines guitar-led rockers – explosive and ferocious, it’s easy to see where the Joplin comparisons are coming from – with acoustic confessionals which don’t shy away from fragility. Keenly aware of her roots and the genealogy of rock history, Lauren Ruth Ward emerges as a sculptor: crafting the raw material of rock ‘n’ roll’s past and making it into her own new, fresh sound.

Congrats on ‘Suburban Ego’! Talk us through what inspired you to create it…

It’s a song about ego that was fully realized through practicing radical self-acceptance. Where I once use to tried to hide all negative feelings to stay “good seeming” for everyone (an impossible task), I see my ego as a part of me, I don’t judge her, I welcome her with a hug, and ask her a series of questions to get her down from the high horse of fear. Our bite always comes down to fear.

How do you feel like your music has evolved so far?

In all ways: production-wise, songwriting-wise, so much has evolved and changed.

If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be?

Annie Clark AKA St. Vincent!

Where would be your dream venue to play?

Red Rocks.

Who are you betting on for future stardom?

I love Tamino, Biig Piig, Frankie and the Witch Fingers… But, stardom isn’t so much about talent or art. Stardom will probably be given to the next highest-viewed TikToker.

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

Happy, healthy, exactly where I am right now but a year wiser.

Press play on Lauren Ruth Ward’s new track ‘Suburban Ego’ below now…

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