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by Tori Sharp

Nick Wilson just wants to be dancing in a sweaty crowd again, is that too much to ask?

The art of songwriting ebbs in and out of focus frequently, but sometimes the commitment to the craft is so evident in an individual that it shakes you awake. Nick Wilson has this talent: he is yet to release his debut album, but his bewitching lyricism has already attracted a loyal band of fans.

The first track from the album is released today and it certainly whets the appetite. ‘Lead Me to the Water’ blends the talented song-craftsmanship with harmonious melodies. His honeyed voice mixed with the innovative production techniques makes for a track that hits a sweet spot of emotion. The accompanying video amps it up even further, a storyboard film in itself, the two pair together expertly.

Wilson wrote ‘Lead Me to the Water’ about having “that one person in your life who betters you in every way, and makes you want to be a better person. It’s a song about wanting forgiveness and admitting your wrongdoing, but also acknowledging that you’re willing to fight for this. I’m not religious at all, but I think sometimes there can be this almost religious quality to love and falling for someone, believing in something so intensely, and in this song, I really wanted to tap into that.” We caught up with the rising star to find out where he’s soaring to next…

What do you envision the future of music to look like?

I don’t necessarily think that it’s gonna change into this wildly unrecognisable thing (there are songs from like 60 years ago that still hold up and feel fresh), but I think streaming will continue to be this unstoppable force for a while. Hopefully, we collectively figure out how to properly payout from it, that’s something really holding it back at the moment. But also, I wonder how that will change the music being written… Much to think about…

If you could collaborate with any musician in the future, who would it be and why?

Oh man this is such an impossible question for me haha. So many to pick between… at the moment it would have to be Noah Gundersen. I’ve been a huge fan of his for so so long, and recently I’ve found myself revisiting his older albums. He just has such a gorgeous voice and way with words, I’d love to write with him if anything just to see how he comes up with half the stuff he does. Him or Phoebe Bridgers, I’m kind of obsessed with her.

Where would be your dream venue to play?

There are too many. In London there were a few that I somehow managed to tick off in the past couple years – Omeara, Shepherd’s Bush Empire. I’d love to play Scala? That seems like such a sweet little venue.

“It’s a song about wanting forgiveness and admitting your wrongdoing, but also acknowledging that you’re willing to fight for this."

Where do you hope to be in the next year?

Hopefully playing some sort of gig or live music haha! The past year has been so completely bonkers I don’t really know what the next year will bring if I’m honest… Hopefully, my debut album won’t have tanked and I’ll be releasing more music, playing more gigs and getting back to how life was before 2020! I feel like this last year has, in a strangely nice way, really helped control my expectations and made me appreciate what we had before. I just want to be sweaty in a crowd again IS THAT TOO MUCH TO ASK?

The next 5 years?

Again, probably a boring answer but I really just hope to be doing what I’m doing, just a little bit… more. I’m always writing music so who knows what’s next in terms of projects, but I’d love to have a headline show under my belt, maybe a tour? That would be nice…

Press play on Nick Wilson’s ‘Lead Me To The Water’ below now.

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