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by Alex Brzezicka

Fall right into Frogi’s open heart in her brand new single.

Since Autumn has fully taken reign, the leaves have started to fall and we’ve realised (better late than never) that summer is actually over, everything has become rather gloomy. After surviving storms of inner turmoil, Mercury retrograde and colder outer conditions, we deserve a bit of reassuring comfort.  

Here comes frogi, an LA-based, heart-warming musician who’s been basking in the light of our spotlight for a while now. She got us gasping for more with 2020 single ‘Dylan’, hopping onto the Top 10 Trending Artists list and exceeding any expectation with emotional ‘phantom limb’, a self-love whisper to her younger self and the first release on an independent label, Apartment 22. For frogi, it’s always all or nothing. A self-made artist, writer and producer is interested in providing us with the fullest experience possible. She uses haunted instrumentation laced with her weightless vocal to lead us right into her psyche, like mythological sirens. Still, her sweet voice doesn’t mean to fool us but take us afar from everyday’s dramas and dilemmas to a land of mutual understanding. It’s the perfect season to tuck in frogi’s tender universe. 

‘Fake it’ faces the need to conform to others’ tastes to be liked and recognised. frogi mourns over the fact that we’re too willing to abandon special parts of ourselves to fit in, ‘Stay here, I’ll go home without you / You have way more friends than I do,’ and chooses to stay authentic instead. “I wanted to convey the sadness of something ending, but also the beauty of a new beginning,” frogi shares about the song.  

“My husband (VAAAL) is actually playing live drums on it, as well as acoustic guitar that I recorded on a voice memo on my phone. I like the realness I captured and the raw room sounds. The song is about growing up in a place where you don’t fit in and not compromising your uniqueness just to conform. I think it’s an interesting concept, and I often wonder how much of ourselves we hide just to feel a part of.” 

Despite the title, ‘fake it’ feels very real. It lays us slow on a bed made of balmy piano notes, ethereal vocals and soft sounds of falling rain. With the days getting shorter and life-changing reflections creeping under the covers, frogi found a way to channel the dark threads that fate gifted her and knit something beautiful out of it. This season, we cover our aching hearts with a blanket made from frogi’s melodies.

Press play on frogi’s ‘fake it’ below now…

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