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First Listen'Bad Bad Love' From David Baron

by George Ellerby

The highly experienced and talented multi-instrumentalist David Baron shares ‘Bad Bad Love’ via Here & Now Recordings.

Having previously worked with or produced for an array of musicians, including the likes of Peter Murphy, Simone Felice, and Lenny Kravitz, Baron’s latest comes after his May single ‘People Of No Concern’.

Featuring Donna Lewis, whose 1996 hit single ‘I Love You Forever Always’ propelled her into fame, the track is derived heavily of orchestral elements, which is characteristic of Baron’s solo work. Typically releasing material in a more ambient vein, Baron’s latest releases have distinctly more presence. Taken at face value, there are similarities between ‘Bad Bad Love’ and Massive Attack’s 2010 track ‘Paradise Circus’. Also featuring a highly accomplished 1990s vocalist, Hope Sandoval, ‘Paradise Circus’ provides a similarly emotional and bittersweet instrumental.

Being built up primarily of strings, analogue synthesisers and Lewis’ vocals, ‘Bad Bad Love’ is simple at its core. But it’s this simplicity that generates its effect and allows room for its charged lyrics. Concerning the lyrics and the writing of the track itself, Baron explains it as “the mournful yearning of a mother who has been separated from her child. Achingly beautiful, heartbreaking, and appropriate for our times. The musical form is reminiscent of a canon, a repeating chord sequence of low strings that slowly blossom until taking us right back to the original question.”

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