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First Listen
Fred Lessore - 'Linger'

London-based songwriter and musician Fred Lessore releases his stunning single 'Linger' questioning the vital art of letting go and moving on.

Written from the perspective of a woman facing doubt, and produced by Pete Boxsta Martin (James Arthur, Jessie J), the track is a touching ballad that tugs at the memories of a past love. It also confronts the burning, and familiar question ‘Am I ready to try again?’.

Lessore, who is of Anglo-French and Malagasy descent, took less than 20 minutes to write and record the demo for the track. He was inspired by the strong women of his family to write this achingly simple yet incredibly impactful song about stories of healing.

Fred, who has been emerging through London’s live circuit, has succeeded in creating a lyrical and sonic narrative. The lead vocal is layered over a gentle piano arrangement and takes the listener through peaks and valleys of a woman’s story, before ending in a climactic chorus.

‘Linger’ in Fred’s own words is a drop in the ocean of what makes a strong woman as it tastefully explores the crossroads between love and loss, and with it, this young artist establishes himself as a master of mixing storytelling with catchy hooks.


Words by Malvika Padin

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