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by Tori Sharp

South-London based duo PELA release their newest track 'Reverie'.

An infusion of mellow pop and effervescent electronics with layers of honey-sweet vocals, this latest track from PELA is a summery sonority. The duo made up of Olly Shelton and Hannah Coombes, work together in a perfect way, with Hannah lending her silky voice to Olly’s production. 

Talking about the track, they say “A lot of love went into Reverie…both in terms of the time it took to get the sound and the way we both feel towards it. We had 4 or 5 different versions with different vocals/productions, each with unique endpoints. We landed on this version as it captures what the song is about –a dreamlike state. Dom Walker is on the sax, he’s pretty much an honorary PELA member and really added a lot to this one.”

The sax certainly adds another balmy quality to the track, making it feel as if you are by the sea, relaxing at a beach club, cocktail in hand. The escapism is unparalleled. The duo are working on more music to release as we speak, and are indubitably becoming more successful with each drop.

PELA · Reverie
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