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Premiering her sophomore EP on tmrw – Elina releases 'Remember'.

Swedish-born Elina has razor-sharp lyrical powers and coupled with her paired-back vocals; her latest project Remember is a treat for the senses. We caught up with Elina to discuss her new record and how the EP is all about embracing change.

I ask how she would describe her music and she told me “I don’t know if it’s in line with how people perceive my music, but I would maybe describe it as unpolished, almost raw. At least that’s what we’re trying to create in the studio. Keeping as much authenticity in the music as we can.” This authenticity is certainly audible, through both the prescient lyrics and vulnerable vocals.

After a breakout year, Elina has been able to accept changes that ebb and flow naturally in life and has written this EP to reflect that. “I’ve had a complicated relationship to change all my life and I’ve learned this about myself more than ever while writing these songs. They reflect a lot of what’s been going on in my own head and in my personal life this past year. It’s been therapeutic as always, writing alongside life. I’ve started letting go of the control I try to have over the uncontrollable.” Accepting the transiency is a lesson for all of us to learn I’m sure.

We spoke briefly about the use of social media as the sole tool of promotion during these strange times and it pleases me to hear that I’m not alone in loving “when a favourite artist of mine lets me get a glimpse of them being, you know, human.” Another thing we had in common was “a major crush on Sam Fender’s music at the moment” and an old and longing love of Chris Martin, whom she calls “a genius.”

After this EP, Elina “was planning on taking some time to just leave town for a bit, go someplace quiet, maybe start on some new ideas, but not necessarily. The importance of rest and to have a regular change of scenery has been the best realisation yet for me when it comes to song-writing. It’s so easy to jump right into the next project as soon as you’re done with the first one. When I do that it’s difficult for me to be inspired and write stuff that feels meaningful.” We look forward to listening to this EP on repeat until she returns from her hiatus.

Words by Tori Sharp / photography by Hampus Hjellström

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