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by Tori Sharp

A sonic smooth single in the run up to their new EP -o.o.w is out today.

Rania Woodard and Brian Squillace make up the electro-pop duo LANNDS and their latest track and EP has a pretty wild backstory. The psychedelic sound that they produce together has authentic roots. After their first and second EP and a successful support tour, their third EP was well and truly on the way, but a year down the line, they scrapped the whole project. After dropping LSD together they realised that they, and subsequently their music, had been suppressed by self-doubt, so a new start was needed.

Enter lotus, their new third EP. Regarded in many cultures as the symbol of self-regeneration, it seems to be the perfect name for their new sound. The first single ‘o.o.w (out of ways)’ feels like a rebirth with raw energy, both lyrically and sensorially. Speaking about the track, Rania says “A lot of old ways of living and thinking and the way our system works are being questioned under a microscope as they should be. A lot of ways that used to work just don’t serve us anymore and the newer generation of humans understand that, and we want to change it. We want to live in a world that’s inclusive and loving and if that means building a new one, I’m all in.” The single is atmospheric to a point that feels reflective, the repetitive beat feels meditative and charmed.

With outside influence staying well outside of their writing process, this track is authentically LANNDS, and is an intriguing tease of what’s to come on the next EP.

Press play on the new track below now.

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