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TRACK OF THE WEEK:MishCatt Shares Infectious 'Pavo'

by Megan Armstrong

The Los Angeles-based artist born Michelle González unveils "Pavo" today (Feb. 13), exclusively through tmrw.

MishCatt’s new single “Pavo” sounds like the backdrop to that opening movie scene that sweeps across a vast and otherwise ordinary city on a sunny day, setting the scene for an adventure still untold.

“Pavo” begins with MishCatt singing overtop a frenetic beat, “Yeah, I don’t wanna stay inside today.” That sentiment seeps through to the listener, who may all the sudden feel like getting out and doing something. Without having any idea what that something will be, it will be better than sitting idly.

“I just want to go where I can find my way,” she sings elsewhere.

The track, MishCatt said in a press release, was written a few years ago alongside executive producer Pontus Winnberg and songwriter-producer Christian Olson, “to give full power to the vibration in your happiness and freedom.”

The Costa Rica-raised artist continued:

It was always an idea that gave me goosebumps when I heard it, and so when it came time to work on The Real Pavo EP, I really wanted to flesh out this idea. When making the album, Pontus re-produced the track, adding in some amazing ideas from Fabian Berglund, a really talented producer. And I re-wrote all the lyrics with my partner, Max Lukach. It ended up becoming one of my favorite songs because it’s so vibrant and just awakens this wild energy in me.”

“Midnight Sun,” one of the upcoming EP’s four tracks alongside “Pavo,” was revealed in January.

“Pavo” serves as a nice complement to “Midnight Sun.”

“Midnight Sun” has a softer delivery that coaxes listeners to turn inward, calling back to her evocative performance of the late Avicii’s “Fades Away” at the Swedish DJ’s tribute concert in Stockholm, where “Pavo” has a kinetic energy from beginning to end.

“Pavo” is the liveliest offering, but MishCatt’s range takes centerstage on the EP and shows growth from 2016’s Highlighter.

The Real Pavo EP, set for a March 20 release, was produced in full with Winnberg and Miike Snow.

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