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by Alex Brzezicka

Mom Tudie and Sidders take us far away from isolation island to a place of setting sun and no regrets.

Mom Tudie is a name you probably came across on South London’s music scene. If not, it’s about time to catch up. A 24-year-old self-taught producer has been around since 2016, releasing a bunch of collaborative, cool singles and mingling within a creative hub inhabited by the likes of Tom Misch, Ezra Collective, Puma Blue or Poppy Ajudha.

Mixing up with music since childhood, Mom Tudie has melted his most important influences including Mura Masa, James Blake and Athletic Progression and invigorated it with electronic musing to make his own sound come to life. A genre-hopping pot of hip-hop, R&B and jazz. All going in smoother than butter.

For a brand new release, ‘Better Days’ Tudie teamed up with Sidders, a rightly self-proclaimed ‘free-form’ vocalist/rapper, specializing in mellow and bouncy beats. The creative duo combined their best qualities and came together with a powerful message of a song. “We first did stuff remotely because it was peak lockdown. As soon as I could I jumped on a train down to see him in Brighton and we laid it down. Sid oozes energy, happiness and positivity,” Mom Tudie says.

It’s that aura of blissful acceptance of fate and sitting it out with loved ones that shines from the song’s core. The light-spirited jazz section and lyrics that shoot straight through our confused hearts add to the effect. Suddenly inside feels as warm as outside. ‘Let me take you to the north side/Let me take you home/Fine wine, good time, until the moons bright,’ Sidders sings.

Buckle up, as in the video created for the track, they take us on a breezy cruise through the night-time city. We bathe in summer haze-like and toned-down colours. Tumblr nostalgia is cool again. Coming from the point of questioning one’s sanity, it’s a journey for clarification. There are no answers yet but a promise that they will appear soon is comforting enough. Let’s try to enjoy the ride for now.

“‘Better Days’ was written in a time and place of uncertainty with Covid/BLM and the message was to spread love and something positive. It’s an open letter trying to slow down the anxieties we have, even to show there’s more than what we feel on our own. Everyone’s in this together,” Sidders says. Loosen up, slide your earphones in and stay alert for more from Mom Tudie this year.

Press play on ‘Better Days’ below now…

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