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First Listen:PRISMA share epic 'Kingdom'

by Isabel Williams

Formed of sisters Sirid and Frida, Danish duo PRISMA are inviting listeners on a soul-searching exploration of the unknown in their latest track ‘Kingdom’.

With its electro-inspired production and sing-song chorus, ‘Kingdom’ hits the melodic sweet spot between ambient and upbeat. Soft, airy pad chords give the track a woozy, dreamlike quality, whilst the strong beat injects a fresh vitality. As we reach the chorus, the beat builds to a crescendo, intricately layering more subtle electric components as if swooning with new emotions.

Floating angelically above these musical elements, Sirid and Frida’s whispery vocals are gently assertive, soaring seamlessly between pitches. Their voices echo slightly as they meld into the sweeping motion of the music. The chorus statement “Take me into your kingdom” is an expression of desire as much as it is the affirmation of a transitory period; a new journey being embarked upon.

Frida describes: “Kingdom is about dreaming and imagining yourself in another world. About letting yourself go into another person’s hands and letting them take you to their kingdom. About letting go of control and going on an adventure.”

Her sister, Sirid, elaborates: “It’s a tale about the beautiful word-less moments, that can happen between people. Moments where understanding and curiosity for each other blossoms in the small movements, glances, touches, smells and most of all silence.” This tentative vulnerability and anticipation is reflected in the lyricism, in which Sirid and Frida seem to be speaking to, and occasionally pining for, some unidentified love interest.

Shot through what seems to be a handheld camcorder, the track’s accompanying music video is a fusion of early 00’s nostalgia and hallucinatory, neon visions. Scenes switch between darkened liminal spaces, abandoned swimming pools and empty dining rooms, in which Sirid and Frida dance in bedazzled ballgowns and silicone animal masks. Twirling begloved hands and staring musingly into the camera, the pair fluctuate between a playful, childlike sensibility and calm refinement. In this unreal world, their strange behaviour seems entirely at home, and the trance-like music serves to tie it all together into a deliciously enticing spectacle.

Listeners can expect more from the up and coming PRISMA this spring and summer, including new releases and live performances on stages across Europe.

Bobby Mandrup
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