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Simple FictionFirst Listen

by Luke Pettican

Guildford-bred band Simple Fiction release their absorbing new single ‘GREY’, reflecting the way that tedious monotony that can slowly come to define our daily existence.

Serving as the band’s first release of the year, ‘GREY’ sees Simple Fiction embody both attentively perceptive observations and a craftily catchy hook within their engrossing lyricism. While the song’s sentiment is firmly rooted in the tediousness of invariability, the band somehow manage to exhibit a refreshing amount of ambition and elated enthusiasm within the anthemic guitar-driven track.

Sonically, the track feels reassuringly reminiscent of the likes of indie heavy hitters like Catfish and the Bottlemen and The Amazons, but, thankfully, Simple Fiction’s music is infused with a level of imaginative originality that elevates them above typical indie tropes. While some indie band’s lyrical inspiration seems restrictively limited to alcohol-fuelled nights out, ‘GREY’ tackles painfully familiar feelings of exasperated exhaustion and discomforting discontent in a refreshingly resonant and reflective manner.

Fundamentally, ‘GREY’ elegantly the portrays the all-consuming, and often overlapping, nature of human emotions. Delving deeply into the unrelenting urge to seize every opportunity possible, and the euphoric excitement that accompanies that unwavering yearning for more, while ruminating on the seemingly endless uphill journey of transitioning from adolescence to adulthood.

The melancholically reflective nature of the lead vocal captivates with alarming intensity, delicately complementing the emotion embodied within the soaring guitars and quietly commanding drumbeat. The intoxicating combination of the track’s inventive instrumentation and almost ominous vocal delivery undoubtedly makes Simple Fiction one of the most promising indie bands to emerge in recent memory.

With ‘GREY’, the band’s muscular jangle and endless ambition are delicately distilled in something amazingly accessible yet paradoxically rawer and more unwieldy than anything they’ve ever done before.


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