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by Tori Sharp

Stevan drops his latest track and announces his upcoming mixtape 'Ontogeny' coming soon...

Australia-raised Stevan is releasing more music that we can keep up with. His debut mixtape came out in June, mid-world-madness, and he is now announcing his sophomore release, coming out on the 20th of November. To tease us before this new mixtape, Stevan has dropped SIA today.

Self-taught everything, Stevan has spoken about always wondering what more the world could offer him. Growing up in the small town of Wollongong in New South Wales, he dreamed beyond the confines of his community. He found music and hasn’t really stopped since, with his music combining influences from all over. 

This record feels more subdued than the Just Kids mixtape, more laidback and intimate. He says about the track that “‘SIA’ is about trying to find independence after relying heavily on someone. The idea of not seeing them becoming empowering, as you realise you don’t need them.”  His humble and moving vocals paired with a soft drum downtempo beat remind me of some more old-school Frank Ocean. 

SIA is a blissful listen, that will quickly become a go-to winddown classic. Press play here.

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