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First Listen:
Thea shares 'A Little Time on Me'

In the run-up to her new album, we talk to Thea about how nostalgia informs narrative.

When I was told that Thea’s debut album was going to be centred around the theme of fairy-tales, I wasn’t that surprised; with a soulful, serene voice like Snow White and the longest blonde hair like Rapunzel, it just fits.

Growing up in a musical family and attending the BRIT school, singing was the natural path for Thea to follow, although she has recently found a passion for producing. Working on her own tracks and co-producing with friends, she tells me, has been really rewarding and has taught her a lot. “I’ve pretty much run this whole project independently, which has been really beneficial, and it means I’ve really got stuck in to all aspects of bringing a project together.”

Talking about the upcoming project, Thea is wary not to give too much away but tells me that she was inspired by “everything and anything nostalgic…recreating that feeling we get when we hear/see/smell something from our past.” She speaks about this sentiment in such a special way, telling me she wants to restore the “warm feeling we get when we hear a song that reminds us of our childhood” and from what I have heard of the album so far, she has succeeded in this challenge. Her angelic voice, paired with thought-provoking lyrics makes for smooth listening.



Thea Morgan-Murrell · Thea – A Little Time On Me

The album is due for release later this year.

Words by Tori Sharp / Photography by Lauren Harris

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