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The gravel-voiced singer has given us an early earful of a new version of ‘Not Ready for Love’.

There might be the whole pom rivalry thing, but we think there’s a pop-culture synergy between the UK and Australia. They gave us Tame Impala, Courtney Barnett and Nick Cave; we gave them, err, Charlotte Crosby.

Their latest export in this rather unbalanced economy is Tyne-James Organ, a promising singer-songwriter slinging hearty, raw vocals onto unwashed, sand-gritted guitar hooks. If an antique ashtray had the mythical properties of a shell, you’d put it up to your ear and hear something like Tyne. And we mean that in a really, really great way.

We’re such big fans that Tyne’s kindly gifted us with a stripped-back version of ‘Not Ready for Love’. Originally a pounding guitar-pop tune made for highway drives, it’s been simplified to guitar, vocals and weather-warning levels of reverb.

If you’re into your music gear, try to stay calm. The song’s visuals show off a gorgeously exquisite reel-to-reel recorder, stacks of vintage amps and a sea-foam Fender strat straight out of a sixties surf-rock promo.

So, press play, close your eyes and cascade away for a few minutes, before you’re suddenly snapped back into reality by some god-awful YouTube ad.

Watch Tyne-James Organ’s ‘Not Ready for Love’ below now.

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