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First Look:Austin Crute's 'Twenties'

by Megan Armstrong

This free-wheeling bop is exactly what we need.

The world is in a dark place right now.

Austin Crute is here to uplift you with his new single “Twenties” and its accompanying music video, directed by Undine Markus. A shirtless Crute is featured in front of in colorful backdrops. Nothing is more colorful than the actor and R&B artist’s choreography, which matches the energy found in the song’s lyrics: “Blowin’ hundreds, fifties, twenties,” a confident Crute croons into the camera. “I’m fuckin’ up my twenties / I just got rich at twenty / I just copped a bag at Fendi.”

“I’m not a person that fits into traditional societal norms, whether it be a religious setting, gender traditions, sexuality,” Crute told tmrw. “So, to defy these norms that older generations have projected on us, I just want to be myself and have fun in my twenties and want everyone else to as well. My priority for this video was to capture that—the youthful spirit of being this age and not letting anyone take it from us.”

Crute smiles. He smolders while sporting heart-shaped earrings. He dances. He pops his chains. He does whatever he wants, and he will keep doing just that throughout his twenties (and probably beyond).


Artist: Austin Crute

Director: Undine Markus

EP: Anastasia Solovieva

Manager/Company: Alana Aksoy @ Ninety5ive

DP: Lidia Nikonova

Stylist: Grace Bukunmi

HMUA: Jaime Diaz

Editor: Sofia Kerpan

Color: Gabe Sanchez

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