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With his first solo release of the year, Nottingham-bred singer-songwriter demonstrates his powerful penmanship.

For a songwriter with such a dazzlingly varied discography under his belt, ‘Part Of Me’ sees Baker continue to enthrall in a way that only he knows how. Penned in tribute to his late mother, Baker’s distinctive vocals perfectly embody the multilayered emotion that’s evident within his lyricism. The track serves as a resonant reminder of the way in which those who are no longer with us undoubtedly still play a substantial role in our lives and who we are.

Speaking of the track, Baker shared, “This song means a lot to me. It was the first song I wrote after my Mum died. I had so much on my chest and  didn’t really know how to process it. Rather than try to understand, I decided to write it as a simple letter. In  fact it’s more like a Whatsapp. I think the overwhelming emotion at that time was just wanting to talk to my  Mum. Missing that ability to call at any time and catch up. I wanted to let her know how I felt. I wrote it with  JC Stewart & Sam Merrifield; It’s sad, but also hopeful. I hope that comes across.

Having initially been drawn into music by playing in bands as a guitarist back in his native Nottingham, it wasn’t until later on that Baker discovered his love for singing. Not thinking music was something that could ever prove to be a full-time thing, he moved down to London to work in Parliament. Through meeting like-minded people and producers in the capital, Baker’s career was kickstarted.

Even his earlier releases have this almost indescribable timeless quality and that’s a stunning testament to his knack for penning personal yet accessible lyricism. Although his penmanship often serves as the beating heart of his tracks, throughout his career Baker has never been one to shy away from experimenting with innovative production, which always perfectly elevates the emotional sentiment of his music.

Released in partnership with Yada Yada Records, ‘Part of Me’ sees Baker continue his unbroken trend of penning almost terrifyingly honest lyricism that’s never anything but authentic.

Press play on Joel Baker’s ‘Part of Me’ below now. 

Words by Luke Pettican

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