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First Look:John K shares visuals to '6 Months'

by Naureen Nashid

Perfect for current times when we’re all longing to leave quarantine and see our loved ones again.


Florida native pop-singer, John K, debuted his latest single ‘6 Months’ back in February right before we all went into quarantine. The sweet, acoustic ballad is filled with romantic lyrics in which John professes his love for his significant other. “When I’m without you, there ain’t no way I don’t think about you, yeah / All I do is think about you, yeah / I love when you get so shy that your cheeks turn red / How I am the only guy inside your head.” 

Since its release, the track has been streamed by his growing fanbase over 13 million times. Today, John’s releasing the official music video for the single, and we’ve got an exclusive early look for you. Set amongst cotton candy-coloured clouds, almost like a version of heaven in John’s mind, he can be seen swinging on a hammock and singing to the camera. Toward the end of the music video, he and his partner drive off in a pink car together, just like Bonnie and Clyde. 

“The goal was to create a visual that could look the way the song feels when you listen to it,” John says. “In my mind, that meant distance, isolation, longing — but in a beautiful way. We decided to build the story inside a dreamland up in the clouds, and to me that totally matched the feeling that was in the room when we wrote this song. When I miss her, it’s like I’m in a dream thinking about her until I can finally see her again.”

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