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Exclusive visuals:MILCK's 'SLOW FADE'

by Megan Armstrong

"Slow Fade" is a slow burn that lets stuffed-down emotions come up for air. Watch the song's music video exclusively with tmrw below.

MILCK released her sophomore EP titled Into Gold last Friday via Atlanta Records, and the Los Angeles-based artist is breaking in its five tracks by pairing each one with a visual. The rollout is called the “Into Gold Music Video Quintet.”

Today (Feb. 26), the fourth video is here with “Slow Fade.”

It begins with MILCK, dressed in all white, alone in an all-white room. She is carrying a clear tub of water and places it on top of a pillar. “First there’s a pain I try to repress,” she sings while making eye contact with the camera. “All but drained from my head to my head / It nearly killed me.”

Once the chorus hits, in which MILCK declares herself “insane” for still being willing to take a chance on a new love interest after the brutal heartbreak she’s just endured, she begins dipping her hands into the water and rubbing it over her skin. It feels like a metaphor: though she can’t get a grip on it, she’s going to immerse herself and reclaim her pain as a means to move forward and feel again.

“Even after my most difficult heartbreak, I found myself starting to be curious about connecting with others again,” she explained of the track via email. “What a miraculous trait in humanity—the persistent hunger for love, even after an incredible loss. This persistent love is relevant in romance, but also with the world. The news can break our heart, but we can continue to search for the light in the world.”

The elements found in the “Slow Fade” video are also featured prominently in “Gold,” where MILCK—again dressed in head-to-toe white—is joined by several other women carrying clear tubs of water while she sings that it took her “years to turn these tears from water into gold.”

“‘Slow Fade’ is special because it was the key that unlocked the whole EP for me,” MILCK wrote to Instagram Tuesday. “Once this song was born, I had clarity as to how I wanted this EP to sound.”

Personal turmoil is addressed in “Slow Fade,” “Gold” and “Ready” and “Don’t Make It Easy,” but MILCK turns the lens outward in lead single “If I Ruled The World,” which the likes of Reese Witherspoon and Sophia Bush have endorsed on social media. “If I Ruled The World” sees her speaking into existence the kind of society she wishes we all lived in together. She is laying herself bare for the (hopeful) betterment of all, much like in the “Slow Fade” video.

As a whole, Into Gold EP is an evocative effort. She has stripped herself emotionally bare to convey compassion, whether for herself or others, and sounds exquisite while doing so.

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