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First Look:Rence drops 'Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart'

by Naureen Nashid

An uplifting track with an earworm chorus that won’t get out of your head.

Pushing out single after single, Rence has been slowly bubbling up on everyone’s radar. He’s most notably known for his songs ‘Baby Blue’, ‘Expensive’ ft. Noah Cyrus, and recently, ‘Type 2’. Today, he’s releasing another single titled ‘Sometimes Things Just Fall Apart’ accompanied by a music video, proving to everyone that he has no intention of stopping. 

The uplifting track with an earworm chorus that won’t get out of your head long after you’ve listened is one of Rence’s best singles yet. Anyone who hears the track will resonate with the relatable lyrics about not getting bogged down by things that don’t work out. ‘You say you’ve been down in the dumps / Seems like you’re just waiting for something, someone,’ Rence croons. He admits that just like everyone else, he’s also dealt with struggling to figure out why things don’t always go according to plan. ‘I’ve been right where you are before / Faced down like I’m glued to the floor.’

Directed by Jordan K, the music video opens with Rence submerged in a swimming pool surrounded by wind chimes and polaroids. With upbeat acoustics and a catchy melody, Rence sings to the camera as he makes his way out, walking through empty streets until he eventually ends up on the tip of a mountain. While sitting and singing the last few lyrics, Rence is seen looking at a polaroid of himself before dropping it into a pool of water, a symbolism for letting go of the past and the things that fell apart. 

Speaking on the video, Rence says, “I’ve had my eyes on Overcast, this incredible video collective out in Arizona, for some time, and this record was the perfect coming together of our vision. We found the lowest, underwater, and highest points, the mountain, to arc my journey through self-realization. The song’s title seems sad, but its core message is about what comes after things falling apart – the realisation. So that’s what we wanted to highlight. I begin in the pool but, to me, the crux of the video is what follows.”


Ryan Jay
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