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Freddie Longis back with 'Caused by Grace'

by Laura Stupple

Meet Freddie Long, the singer-songwriter tipped for big things this year.

Everything is moving pretty quickly for Freddie, who only started releasing music less than a year ago. During this time, a lot has changed for the Brighton-born talent, and his popularity has skyrocketed. As a result, he’s landed a gig at The Great Escape festival in Brighton and will be appearing on the Main Stage at Sundown Festival too.

His subtle, gravelly sounds have made waves on the indie scene already. However, Freddie has kept a pretty low profile. His story is an interesting one, which is reflected in his latest release ‘Caused By Grace’.

Like a lot of people, Freddie found himself swept up in the Brighton music and party scene at a young age. He’s the first to admit that things got a little out of hand whilst he was growing up, however, it was an incident in which he broke his leg that made him stop and assess the creative gifts he had. This break from the outside world allowed Freddie to turn inwards and start creating music that meant something.

After recording and posting his sounds on social media, Freddie became an overnight sensation and had been taking music seriously as a career ever since.

If you want to listen to something real, Freddie Long is your next listen. You can feel the heartbreak in his dulcet tones, and this brooding and intimate track is one of his most personal to date. The authenticity of his noise shines through, and the single perfectly describes a juxtaposition between repelling and attraction, clinging on and letting go and the push and pull of emotions as they struggle to guide us.

Vocally, he’s different. Thick texture and intelligent vocals characterise his sound, and the track stays true to his poetic nature. For a relatively new artist, Freddie feels like an old soul on the music scene. His latest record is certainly not short on creative zest either, following a story about misguided affection and youthful experiences of attachment. The up and coming talent directed the video himself, in a coastal lightning storm on the hottest day of the year, so there’s plenty to feast your eyes and ears on with his new release.


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