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by Malvika Padin

After an awe-inspiring journey, South Korean artist SURAN winds down on her latest single, 'Blanket' featuring rapper Wonstein.

From her signature ballad-style sound to her charming personality, SURAN is comfort and empowerment personified. Inspired by strong, solo female artists such as Jhene Aiko, Victoria Monet who have carved out a space for themselves through their artistry, SURAN’s path in music so far is framed by not only her hopes of finding independence but of creating uplifting music that makes people feel better.

SURAN who debuted in 2014 with ‘I Feel’, has become an undeniably trustworthy figure in South Korean music, building an extensive repertoire of music working with several major artists- including BTS’ Suga, MAMAOO’s Hwasa, Heize and Crush among others. In 2021, she swerved lanes, starting afresh in a new journey as the founder of her own independent label, S-TASY.

Establishing a new sound with ‘Sunny’, her first single under the label, the 35-year-old stays true to Korean ballad sound while still allowing global pop instrumentals to seep in. Now, on “Blanket,” her latest single featuring rapper Wonstein – the second with S-TASY – SURAN injects cozy, bedroom pop musicality into the well-established emotiveness of her soundscapes.

“It was inspired the COVID-19 period with a message that you can have fun even within the confines of your home if you’re aided by your imagination,” the singer says of the pop track which she describes as a “home quarantine fantasy.”

Exhibiting a child-like wonder for the world, SURAN who views even a trip to the kitchen for a midnight snack as an adventure often draws inspiration her own life and feelings, but also allows herself to fully enjoy anything that fascinates her including everything from Caspar the friendly ghost – whom she credits for inspiring a bit of the imagination behind ‘Blanket’ – to collaborating with artists from around the world.

Endlessly curious about the music and musicians around the world, SURAN asks after the best artists to work within the country she’s being interviewed from, “Who are some artists in India who would be good to collaborate with?” She goes on to explain that working with artists around the world is exactly what has allowed her to develop her sound.

The artist who is currently working on her first full-length reflects on how she envisions her music developing further and says, “I really want to make music with artists from other countries. I believe that will inspire me and influence my sound.”

She admits that she may not know where her sound will head, leaving the evolution open to be led by helpful inspiration that comes her way from peers. However, she is certain that no matter how much it changes the heart of her soundscape will be about encouraging her listeners to keep up the good vibes, no matter where life might take you.

It’s this ability to go with the flow that likely led SURAN to launch S-TASY. She says,” I wasn’t expecting to launch my own label. It’s something I’ve imagined but never thought would happen. However, when the time came to finish up my contract at my previous company, I had two choices to either renew or do my own thing,” she adds that though it hasn’t been an easy thing to learn, she was confident embarking on this new journey, “I didn’t want to regret not taking the chance. “

In SURAN’s words, a combination of her own confidence and that which other artists showed in her when was starting out is what has allowed her to bloom and grow. Thinking back on career highlights she says, “The fact that when I starting out people wanted to collaborate with me and take their time to support me is something I’m grateful for as well,” adding, “ And though I don’t think it should be everything to an artist, it was really memorable and pleasantly surprising when my song “Wine,” hit the top of the Korean charts.” 

A towering figure in music who could be intimidating given her vast talent yet manages to inspire the feeling of being a long-time friend in the first meeting – spending several minutes of the interview cuddling and showing off her puppy whom she describes as “the most precious thing in my life, my friend and inspiration” – it’s clear that SURAN is the very “empowering girl boss” figure that she’s so deeply inspired by, as her uplifting music spreads its wings across Korea, poised with power to take over the world. 

Press play on SURAN’s ‘Blanket’ below now…

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