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by Sabrina Fearon-Melville

Easy, breezy Houston-based Peyton is bringing a new sound for the summer with her new album, PSA.

The singer has been working hard to bring us her debut album, filled with genre-blending songs and smooth lyrics. Peyton isn’t holding back; she’s letting her talent speak for itself and cementing herself in the music industry. From early beginnings; performing in classical ensembles in school, to not holding back in the present, Peyton is keen to show us her world.

PSA was born out of “no plan” she tells us. A free creator, Peyton begins to work before finding a theme which fits and goes from there. With this latest project nothing has changed, finding ‘that moment where everything clicked’ she tells us was important, “Those moments are so rewarding and make me feel like I am finally getting the answer to an equation I’m working on.”

And from that moment she’s made massive headway. Working on ‘Tad Bit’, Peyton’s favourite track on the album was a highlight. “I was doing a lot of vocal sampling and balancing the feeling of minimalism while always creating such a big feeling. The creative process took months to get the right feeling but it was so rewarding.”

Music has always been in Peyton’s life, from learning the violin aged 5 and growing up in a musical family, her influences are heavily linked to her Texan roots and to the music she’s grown up with. Whilst the violin is “ like a language; it never leaves you” she wants to improve her skills further by “becoming a better pianist and maybe learning bass”. All these influences including gospel singer Kim Burrell have really gone a long way to help create PSA.

But the pandemic has given her more downtime, aside from working on the album Peyton has been getting into Animal Crossing, Among Us and more recently Detroit-based musician Babyface Ray. She’s also been thinking about post-pandemic life and who she’d love to tour with, “Ari Lennox, SZA, Willow Smith and Amaarae for sure!”

Peyton is hard working, soulful and her background makes her well placed to dominate the industry with her voice and her blending of genres. On having studied ‘Classical Voice’ from a young age, Peyton tell us, “not only did I have to sing and memorize great art songs, I had to learn the ins and outs of composition, different composers, and everything about the era. It taught me to be well rounded and a determined individual. By knowing how to healthily use my voice, I am able to show my flexibility and range without damaging it.”

But despite her classical upbringing, Peyton is holding nothing back when it comes to curating her own sound, she wants people to really take good things from this album, “I want my listeners to understand the layers of my sound and that I fit in many boxes. There are so many topics of honesty that are subtly fearless. I want my listeners to feel fearless and cool when they listen or sing along.”

Peyton’s PSA is available on all streaming platforms now.

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