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Get ready to jazz yourself up for Tara Lily’s intimate premiere of ‘The Things You Do.’

Tara Lily is a Peckham-born 22-year-old musician whose dazzling debut single ‘Who Saw Who’, produced by Jammer (BBK), not only has surpassed a million streams but made Virgil Abloh use his Motown Records UK connections. The label, recognizing Tara’s undeniable talent, signed her as their first British artist.

Today, having joined the Motown Records family, Tara is swinging her way up to the UK’s music scene with the first single of her upcoming EP ‘Lost in London’. South London’s upbringing amid beatmakers and rappers gave a grimy flavour to Tara’s modern jazz mastery. After years of soaking in the best of both worlds mixed with her personal experiences, she’s more than ready to let the world listen to what her soul sounds like. ‘The Things You Do’, accompanied by a video, is an invitation that we can’t refuse.

“It’s very raw and very real; the lyrical content of most of my songs are deep, I talk about things that a lot of people don’t want to talk about, and that’s why it feels like dark R&B jazz; the dark comes from those difficult but important feelings that are expressed,” she opens up. The single, produced by Hannah V, tells a saxophone-quilted story of betrayal sung in Tara’s sad but seductive vocal.

In the video, directed by Sammy King and produced by a platform championing new generation women and non-binary representation in the industry, Girls in Film, Tara Lily deep dives into Golden Age stylistics. In a Great Gatsby worthy get-up, she parades on Art Deco RIO cinema’s creaky floor, crying over another love disappointment to the sultry R&B-met-jazz instrumental. As broken-hearted as she might be, it takes true bravery to put emotions out in the open like that. Tara Lily is a modern Bond girl who, instead of waiting for the man, saves herself. 

Press play on Tara Lily’s ‘The Things You Do’ below now…

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