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by Tori Sharp

We chat to David Halsey AKA Petticoat about all things timeless and cashing in on TikTok.

Petticoat’s latest release ‘The Middle’ sonically combines The 1975 and Charli XCX, smoothly synthesising 80s New Wave with more contemporary qualities. His inspiration comes from ‘timeless relics’ such as Madonna and Depeche Mode, artists who have curated and created a totally fresh sound. This innovation comes across effortlessly in latest track, as you can hear the melange of influence. “Anchored by marimba rhythms, cosmic synths, and a steady four-on-the-floor beat” – the track is heady, uplifting and definitely makes you want to dance.

Congratulations on the new track – it is really fantastic!

Thank you so much! It’s been a very turbulent week.

How are you feeling post-release? Has the reaction been as you would have liked?

This release has left me with an incredible feeling of support. Lots of reach out and kind words all around. I just love to see a deeply personal song of mine resonate with so many.

“I draw my lyrics from cathartic experiences over sonic soundscapes and grooves that interest me.”

What is the feeling like when you release new music? Is it one of excitement and relief or more of trepidation?

Releasing definitely hits a point of major anxiety within myself. On one hand it’s relieving to release something that I’ve kept to myself for so long onto unexpected ears. But I’d be lying if I said that streaming, numbers, and outside opinions didn’t get to me.

How would you describe your music to someone who has not listened to you before?

It’s personal pop music that draws from timeless ideas. I would call my music visceral by process. I’m not trying to reinvent the wheel or anything, just music that hits an emotional level. I draw my lyrics from cathartic experiences over sonic soundscapes and grooves that interest me. In that sense, the music becomes very personable and a direct reflection of me. All music is, really.

What is your relationship like with social media at the moment? Do you like the constant barrage of reactions (good and bad) to your music?

I interact, but mostly stay off social media for my own sanity. I love the idea of interaction and soliciting my music, but I feel like one can get carried away and it can result in negative aspects manifesting in other parts of your life.

Your music explores themes of gender expression, has this been something you were always keen to talk about in your music?

Sometimes my music will touch on the subject of gender expression, but most of it comes off from my image. The idea of femininity mixed with fashion, image, and music interested me way before the project started. To me, a music project would allow me to explore these ideas within myself in a safe space.

“The music becomes very personable and a direct reflection of me. All music is, really.”

Who are some of your favourite artists/inspirations?

I try to be inspired by timeless relics. Artists that can stay relevant for decades or Pioneer a completely new sound in music. To name a few—Madonna, Depeche Mode, Max Martin, and Toro y Moi.

During these strange lockdown times, who have you been listening to? Is there a song that will remind you of this period?

I think Charli XCX’s new album has been very indicative of 2020. Despite it being sonically crazy. A lot of songs deal with the direct frustration and emotions of the change in lifestyle we all have to endure due to COVID. Other than that, I’ve been listening to a lot of video game OSTs for inspiration and whatever shit my friends share.

If you could collaborate with one artist right now, who would it be and why?

Hoping to cash in with a TikToker soon and make some coin. Get about this cheese.

Can you tell us a little bit about what you have coming up in the next few months?

I have a few more singles planned and then hopefully an LP during the beginning of 2021, but I can’t release too many details yet!
Nas Bogado
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