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by Tori Sharp

Already hailed as “one of the most exciting bands on the planet”, we knew we had to meet Keep Dancing Inc.

The pretty strong above statement from NME when we found out that Keep Dancing Inc were releasing their debut album, meant we had to find out more.The eclectic threesome from Paris, made up of Gabrielle, Joseph and Louis, were totally humble when I asked them about being ‘one of the most exciting bands.’ They told me that they “wouldn’t say that we’re one of the most exciting bands on the planet because there are just so many better ones out there, but if that can help us gain enough visibility and eventually help us pay our bills with our music, I’m down for all the praises in the world.”

Today marks the release day of Embrace, their first full album after a few years of dropping EPs and singles – the hype for this debut is pretty huge, and rightly so. An epic blend of decades of inspiration. Despite all being in the early twenties, their sound ranges from the 70s and 80s right through to present day. They describe their music as a “well-balanced blend of indie pop, rock and electronic music with a strong 80’s aesthetic, and much more.” A pretty spot on description I would say. We speak about how they went to a house in the French countryside to pen this album and how they have kept all of the playlists they were listening to at the time, to remember their stimulation – Led Zeppelin, HAIM and Ariana Grande all feature.

As their name suggests, their music is magnetic. It is foot-tappingly and gravitationally strong, pulling you to the dancefloor. Swaying and spinning through genres gives such broad appeal to this band as they embrace the ability to effortlessly slide through the decades. Lyrically, the album also lands on the idea of embracing relationships, both the good and the bad, the loving and dysfunctional.

The twenties will be a roaring decade for Keep Dancing Inc, for that I have no doubt. This moreish album demands a sequel and the energy of the band demands a platform. They will be first on my list to watch live when the opportunities arises, hopefully sooner rather than later (please Rishi..!)

Press play on ‘Embrace’ below now…

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