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The debut EP from Julius Black will speak to your inner existentialist.

Existential pop is how Julius Black would describe his sound, and as he drops his new EP today, get ready to feel all the feels. “Existential pop was kind of just a joke that I threw around with my producer Struan because the whole project has a theme of anxiety to it, and existential pop sounds more interesting to me than just indie pop or alt pop so I guess we kind of stuck with it.” 

Dopamine is the moniker of the EP, and it lends itself heavily to complex, lovelorn lyrics. His exemplary song-writing makes the record shine, and coupled with the experimental production, these tracks feel fresh and exciting. We caught up with Julius to ask a few questions about the release, and we could feel his cheerful anticipation…“I feel good, I’ve been working away at these songs for what feels like a long time and I’m glad that it’s finally coming out. I can remember writing the first song on the EP like July 2019 and now it’s coming out on Friday and I couldn’t be more excited.”

The palpable excitement is what drives him, and you can hear that through the tracks. “My inspiration comes from being excited! I think the more excited I feel the more inspired I get. The goal for me is to not get bored but remain honest. A lot of the times for me I start working on something and then the ‘happy accidents’ end up becoming what excites me most about a song.” ‘Happy accidents’ is charmingly self-deprecating, as the production value and effort that went into this EP is evident and worthy! 

Having started making music seriously only a handful a years ago, Julius seems to have a renewed view of genre. He released a few tracks in 2020 after the world stood still. The freaky year lent him some time to concentrate on his EP. “I found 2020 to be a really good year for me in some ways. I think, in 2019, I thought that the more productive I would be, the happier I would be, but then 2020 came around and I was shut in my house for months and had to learn to just be ok with just existing haha. I think it gave me a fresh perspective on making music and how much of a privilege it is. I mainly just worked away on this EP that’s coming out on Friday and another EP that’s coming out later in the year”

The result of this hard work is a terrific debut that is worthy of its own new genre!

Words by Tori Sharp

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