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by Alex Brzezicka

The explosive electro-pop duo serves danceable poetic justice.

BIIANCO and MOONZz’s musical union was written in stars. Both have birthdays on the same day and since the first session, they’ve shared a special connection. It translated into a free-flowing stream of super hard-hitting songs. Their newest hot-blooded creation is a single called ‘pray2u’. The track is an ode to the moment of realisation that you’re mad in love, your partner becomes an object of worship. This two-people cult is set in a honeymoon paradise: they’re praying to each other, passionate beyond this realm and, perhaps, rekindling an affection from past lives. It’s the when-you-know-you-know feeling encapsulated into cool breeze beats and making-heart-race lyrics. Falling for BIIANCO and MOONZz now, we know that it’s going to be a long-term relationship.

What’s extraordinary about the artists is their unapologetic confidence in expressing any emotions. Doesn’t matter how awkward, painful or over-the-top they are, the duo provides a safe space on the dancefloor to boogie away the full spectrum of human experience. There’s a communal joy coming with such a relief. Anyone feeling a little bit heavy with thoughts, give ‘pray2u’ a spin. Smile guaranteed.

Today, BIIANCO and MOONZz come down to Earth for a second to share the secrets of capturing happiness, finding a soulmate and standing for your vision. Rush to catch their advice, just before they’ll run off to a studio on the other end of the universe to write on love and life.

Who are BIIANCO and MOONZz?

BIIANCO: I’m a producer and artist of electronic music to dance and ugly cry to.

MOONZz: I’m a songwriter, vocalist, and producer going through the human experience just like you.

How would you describe your work in 3 words?

BIIANCO: Danceable poetic justice.

MOONZz: Introspective empowered pop.

Can you tell me a bit about your ‘pray2u’ and the concept behind it?

BIIANCO: We decided to write a song about being passionately, stupidly, wildly in love.  People call it the honeymoon phase but we feel like it’s more a worship phase (hence the saying “I only pray 2 u”) and we wanted to sonically capture exaltation.

MOONZz: It was our first session ever creating and vibing together and it just flowed together seamlessly. Conceptually, we wanted to capture that immediate attraction and almost reverence you feel for that special someone because there’s nothing that can distract you from the love and adoration you feel for them.

How was working on a video for it?

BIIANCO: It was actually simultaneously fun and very challenging. We decided to do a looping performance video where we continuously switch instruments.  We had to map out all the changes and what each of us was playing at any given time. Then, we had to rehearse it until we could pull it off with no hitches.  It was a challenge to say the least.

MOONZz: It was sooo fun! We found a neon warehouse that fit the vibe we were going for. We really wanted to showcase both of our abilities to perform, play many instruments, and engage with each other & I feel like we rehearsed it to perfection!

Do you believe in the existence of soulmates/twin flames?

BIIANCO: Yes but there’s a stark difference between soulmates and twin flames!  Twin flames tend to bring about a lot of growth, change, and also turmoil.  Soulmates are a gentler and less destructive kind of love.

MOONZz: I definitely do. To add to what BIIANCO said, I believe twin flames are two halves of the same whole, like you can’t live without each other in a sense, but that can come with tension — whereas soulmates are destined to be together, as they are often connected from past lives, and you feel a true sense of calm around them.

What makes you so great collaborators?

BIIANCO: We have the same birthday and the same Aries soul 🙂 On a musical level, working with MOONZz’s voice is an absolute dream.  She’s so talented and has such a sharp ear.

MOONZz: I’ve never made music with someone with the same birthday as me and it was magical! We really share a lot of the same sonic style, and I also feel like we balance each other out in many ways where we differ in approach to writing/creating. BIIANCO has a distinct taste in everything in their life and I admire how they live loudly and constantly work to be better at everything they do.

BIIANCO’s bio says that you make ‘songs to dance and ugly cry to’. How did that come about?

BIIANCO:  My artistic expression tends to come baked in 100 degrees of raw emotion.  I also tend to have a lifelong love of electronic and dance music.  I think it’s the natural combination of both.

How does the creative community you’re surrounded by influence your music?

BIIANCO:  So funny that you ask this.  The other day I was asked what the concept of my new mixtape is and I said “community and pure joy.”  I think dance music is all about community and collaboration.  You go out and see a show and bam there’s some influence.  You listen to your friend’s new track… bam more influence.  And as a producer, when I get in the studio with another artist, bammmmm the biggest influence.

MOONZz: I’m inspired by every friend and collaborator because they teach me so much about my process and how I can grow. I used to be so protective over my writing — almost to a fault — because I felt like it was and is such a personal look into my life. But when I starting sharing songs with trusted ears, I realized their feedback was the catalyst to deepen more nuanced thoughts and feelings within myself.

What message do you want to send to the people listening to your music?

BIIANCO:  You have permission to feel every fucking thing.

MOONZz: That everything that you’ve experienced in life is a lesson in itself. You are stronger than you think and you will discover so much about yourself through the ebb and flows of life ❤️

Making music is a great way to find out new things about yourself through expression. What has been the most shocking/interesting thing that you have found out?

MOONZz: I honestly love how much I’ve experimented over the years with my writing – I used to overthink every little thing and now I write more conversationally which feels more authentic and relatable. I love who I’m becoming every day, month after month, year after year.

Which artists are your go-to when looking for inspiration?

BIIANCO: This changes a lot but right now it’s Black Coffee, Jamie XX, Bicep and Aretha Franklin

MOONZz: Definitely changes all the time but currently: Lane 8, Sylvan Esso, Moderat, Miike Snow, The Marias, Unknown Mortal Orchestra and Taylor McFerrin

How important is fashion in forming your artistic identity?

BIIANCO: Fashion has actually played a really big role in forming my gender identity lately.  Last year, I came out as non-binary and have since really undergone an exploration of my own fashion expression.  It continues to evolve but it’s been a bit of a journey.  I guess because I can’t separate my artistic voice from my identity, you can see that reflected in my artistic expression as well.

Do you ever feel a need/pressure to fit into the music industry’s boxes?

BIIANCO:  Yes — for me especially as a producer.  I constantly feel like I have to make strong choices that carve out my vision.

MOONZz: The music industry is everchanging – so with all the noise and distraction, I try to create as authentically as I can, writing with those who bring out the best in me. I definitely agree with BIIANCO in making choices that carve out the vision — No one else can speak/create for me, and that’s my power.

What are you working on right now?

BIIANCO: Finishing up my new mixtape, preparing for some verrrrrrry exciting tours that have not yet been announced, and finding some wild-ass joy in everything I do 🙂

MOONZz: Ahhh so much! so excited for all the fun assets that come with new songs and new album(s) and taking more time to be present and also disconnect when I need it.

Press play on BIIANCO and MOONZz’s ‘pray2u’ below now…

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