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by Tori Sharp

18-year-old carolesdaughter AKA Thea Taylor releases her explosive music video for ‘Violent’.

The stunningly gothic video release for her track ‘Violent’ has added carolesdaughter firmly to our watchlist. With a contemporary yet classic form to her music, she blends influences to create a sound that is uniquely hers. “Every single one of my tracks falls into a different genre, so maybe new age alternative! I’m really inspired by the internet but ultimately am a singer songwriter.”

Her youthfulness does not equate to naivety but much the opposite, her lyrics tell stories and speak openly about troubles and tribulations. I asked whether the writing process becomes difficult when the songs have a deeper back story but I’m assured “that’s how I talk about my problems, through writing…writing a song is easier when I have an emotional connection because I can’t fake it.” Of ‘Violent’, carolesdaughter says: “I was in a toxic relationship when I wrote it. I was just fed up, and I released it. It was a real moment. I guess people recognize it.”

As the youngest of 10 children, growing up in a Mormon household in California, the musical variation was limited. But on discovery of the wider ecosphere, namely punk, goth and rock, Taylor’s palette exploded. Adolescence was not the smoothest journey but after a recent stint in rehab with her guitar for company, something clicked and fell into place. She is “working on an album right now, filled with songs that I wrote while I was in rehab, that are really close to me and personal.” 

We are certainly feverish to see what’s next from this thrilling new musician and so in the meantime, catch us watching the hauntingly good video for ‘Violent’. Check it out below.

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