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by Tori Sharp

“I guess I’d say if Avril Lavigne and Charli XCX’s more rock leaning stuff had a baby, it’d be my music.”

DOUCHEBAG is the title of Chloe Lilac’s sophomore EP and it is honest and messy and quite fantastic. Catching up on the drop of this new record and finding out how she landed on her feet in an industry that isn’t always easy to navigate, we learnt Chloe Lilac is wise beyond her years. Lilac is only 18 years old, but she writes and sings with such depth of experience that her age seems irrelevant.

The music is relatable and fun to listen to, whilst also questioning some big societal contentions. Speaking about how there is an inherent pressure thrust upon young women, especially in the music industry, Lilac is continually learning to put her finger up to that pressure and rebel. “We’re constantly fed this narrative from a wildly young age that we’re supposed to do our make-up a certain way, dress a certain way, straighten your hair or curl it, basically change everything about yourself to conform to the male gaze, or else you’ve failed as a woman and are deemed undesirable. We’re also taught, if we speak our minds and call men out when they’re wrong, we’re bitches.” Lilac is leaning away from this patriarchal oppression and she calls this out in her music, as well as the general bad behaviour of men. (Listen: DOUCHEBAG)

“This is used as a tool of oppression, to instil uncertainty, self-deprecation and low self-esteem in women. It not only pits women against each other but pits you as a woman against yourself. So, with all of this in mind, I take beauty standards as a suggestion. I take what I like from it, and I leave out the rest. Also, once I realised all of this bullshit, I got really angry and decided to rebel, and I will continue to do so.”

The vulnerability that comes across lyrically is so powerful as she owns the strength that lies in being exposed and open to criticism. The narrative portrayed is raw, honest and leads to gut-punchingly good music. I wish it was music I could have listened to when I was 18, but I’ll make up for that by listening now on repeat.

Stream Chloe Lilac’s DOUCHEBAG EP below now.  

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